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Hi everyone,

I’m getting a bit tired of defending JKS from statements like why Hong Kong Cri Show is “better” than the Singapore one i.e. does it mean that JKS is biased and treated fans in other countries better etc…

The only point I want to make is that I regret not going to the HKG one, NOT that I think Singapore’s is not good. I enjoyed every song he sang at S’pore FM, and I cherished my chance to see him in Singapore and at the FM. The audience felt very high, especially Lounge H! I was awed by his performance!

I have no further comments about the differences in stage and audio-visual effects between the two venues, other than the fact that S’pore’s venue is obviously not equipped to be a full-fledged concert stage.

As for the programme, Staying Up Late once asked whether there is any difference between the Singapore and Malaysia FM. My answer was I don’t know, because I have seen singers who repeat the entire same programme across different countries. Hence, I am glad to know that JKS and the organisers tweaked some parts of the Cri Show so that there are slight differences in the programme in different countries. If JKS can repeat exactly the same programme at every single FM, then it is not the perfectionistic JKS that we know who wants to do his best for every single performance. Singapore has the privilege of being the first stop in the Asia Tour where we got to see a sneak preview of pics from his official photobook and Europe tour. Does anyone seriously think that he’ll show the same photos at Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan and Shanghai? In Hong Kong, he played some scenes from his photobook DVD. I would think that for each of his following stops, JKS will again do something different. I do not think there is any bias towards any country, but a continuous effort to improve his performance and add new elements. I do not doubt his professional integrity, not to mention his sincerity and character.

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  1. Dear apharael,
    If I could add on your comments, I’m certain that JKS does his best every moment even in a bad health condition such as flu in Singapore.
    I really respect his professionalism too!!
    He tries every minutes to give a big, better-than-expected surprise to his fans and people involved.
    So I cannot take my eyes off on him 🙂

  2. Dear Aphrael, a bit hesitant to comment but here goes 🙂 M really glad you are so candid with your personal thoughts. Understand where you are coming from. Really appreciate your effort on keeping this blog a lot and letting us comment our thoughts so candidly as well 🙂 All eels are different, with varied expectations and thoughts but what makes me feel very happy to be part of all these (despite some differences in opinions) are that eels are very passionate people in supporting JKS 🙂

    • P.S. just thought to repost it here, in case you missed it in the earlier posting re your comment over Keun Suk’s cold due to clubbing:

      If you recall, he performed at the CMA and it was RAINING on him. Given the difference in temperature, weather and frequent flying, that could have brought down his resistance and caught the cold. I don’t particularly think it’s the clubbing. As Ivy has already spoken earlier, his drinking is NOT excessive. Being in the entertainment business, its quite impossible to find ANY artiste who does not drink. At times it is also necessary to be at ease with his managing company, organisers and sponsors in the foreign country, particularly when he is planning to enter the Chinese market in a big way. I mean if they invite, could he say no?

      • hehe so many night cat here 🙂 Staying up late, I saw ur post lah. Just to clarify, i have always thought the result of his cold was due to the rain where he was performing in chengdu and personally i really felt he was giving more than 100% when he danced in the rain, really I do. That is until i read somewhere that eels heard from Jason that it was due to him overdoing it when clubbing in china after his win. I have nothing against drinking or for that matter, clubbing, I guess my point is really a sense of responsibility. Again got to qualify I do not think JKS is irresponsible or anything, but perhaps he or his team could be more responsible (sorry if the word is too harsh, can’t think of any other word…) in that they could perhaps take more care about his health notwistanding I understand your point about having to ensure that he does his comms well with organisers etc (and I do know PRC cultivate guan xi over drinks). Before posting my that post, I did tell myself: flu/cold is easy to spread, even if he is not clubbing or what, he can still get it from a sneeze from anyone, however without having other insider information, I’m just calibrating it against what I would have thought if it is not JKS. The initial thought from my brain when i read about Jason’s comment was: “aiyo…u know u got a big meeting coming up, you still dun take care, now you telling me you sick and ask me to cut you some slack?” harsh rite? but that’s what I really thought and that thought did flicker in my mind when JKS repeated that he caught a cold in china during the FM (sorry I know, very not sympathetic, but i really think about that leh :|) I guess my expectation (perhaps because I have only chased one other star in my teenage years) was high, and perhaps my age and responsibilities in my life now (I”m way older than JKS!) is that a professional artiste, should be professional and with that comes certain sense of responsbilities. Having said that like many eels, i really enjoyed the FM, my admiration for JKS soared when I saw him trying his bestest to give us a perfect show despite his cold. But that does not negate my initial thoughts on the cold. Hope you can understand. I guess I have to be true to my own feelings too bah 🙂 – – sorry for long comment!!! —

      • A very long comment indeed, but thinly veiled criticism nevertheless and on a jangkeunsukforever website too! If only one could GUARANTEE that one would not ever fall sick, that would be perfect!

      • Hehehe! Just got clearance to go!!! Yeah!!! Aphrael, I most prob join ur tour bus n hotel can yah? Can trouble u email me at

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        The second question ask, how old is HTK in the drama? The girl who was pick answers 21 but its not correct. They never said the correct answer :)).

        Staying up late n aphrael, really sorry abt posting criticism, I concede my thought were based on heresay (fan accounts, Twitter type of media) n I if I’m not wrong I think ur concern is tat eels may hv the wrong idea of jks based on my comments. Really sorry about it, my only intention is just to reflect wat I felt as an eel when I wrote tat. Perhaps Aphrael wish to delete my comments? The last thing I want is for JKS hard earn repute to be mislead by my comment, thanks! 

      • hi gingercake,

        dunno whether it sounds contradictory, but i do have the same thoughts regarding his drinking and his health, and of course I wish he’d drink less if he’s feeling sick.

        what I’m against is insinuation that his FM in other countries is better than Singapore’s because he is biased etc …. we all know he does his best ^^

        and i still don’t know his age in YAB!!

      • Hihi, sorry, email sld b Can email me when u convenient. Thanks! 🙂 sorry I never meant to say tat u are comparing, I know wat u r saying is tat u regret not going to hk fm (same here!) 🙂 my comment was not really in reply to u specifically, but more my general thots abt different fm. If my comments ever make u sad, I really sincerely apologise yah, hope u continue speading the good work of JKs 🙂

      • I think HTK was 20 yrs old in YAB. In Ep10, Go Mi Nam’s aunt mentioned to her friends that she remembered HTK’s mum taking a long break 20 years ago.

    • If I’m not wrong his character is 24 yrs old but no proof…hehe. I try to find n wl update when I do ok 🙂

  3. Dear Aphrael77, it really never come to my mind at all which FM is better as I enjoy everyone even if on Youtube or DVD, but I enjoy most Sukkie’s Cri-show in S’pore just last week as it is my first FM with Sukkie after almost a year getting to know about him (via Youtube & BaiduSukbar) & I enjoy the whole session and was so touched when I hear the opening song “Let me Cry” in S’pore even the album is not out yet then…and the rest of the FM leaves me in dreamy state with his voice & change of roles for different drama character, he is really charming & professional indeed and like you, I want to attend his future FM whether in S’pore or in other countries if I can make it ^_^ but you know what? I’m most touched by what I see at the autograph & photo sessions, those scenes of “just drag” lettuce dance (excuse me if I mentioned cabbage bec of his kimchi noodle hair for momo each time) which I will not forget and also the scene of Sukkie grabbing snacks from eels behnd the stage is really unforgettable as it can make me smile for a long long time ^_^

    • Just to add also of what I see in a thread in BaiduSukbar after S’pore Cri-Show last week, the Chinese eels are praising the S’pore eels for giving so much support to Sukkie when they view the vids, picture & fan accounts at BaiduSukbar… they are happy too for eel fans here! ^_^

    • QQeyes007, you’re right.

      No matter which FM, it always leaves me feeling so blissful and dreamy…. and I want to see him again and again!

  4. Hey Aphrael, don’t feel tired or be bottled down by all the comparisons made k. Be strong!!
    You have really put in a lot of effort in updating all fans what JKS is doing everyday! And i don’t think there is another person that is more dedicated than you! Seriously!
    Even i myself really admire you a lot! Putting in so much of your time & effort in this blog and even replying to so many of our questions & comments. *salute you* ;p

    And i totally agree and can understand how you feel. Just like what you have mentioned in one of your earlier post, we all miss Sukkie that’s all. 🙂

    I guess some fans are making comparisons because they want more & expect more from Sukkie. And after seeing the HK pics & videos, human’s nature of jealousy acts in.
    And i guess all fans want the best for themselves.
    Seriously, this HK FM is just his second country and we are already comparing like mad! Don’t tell me if the rest of his FMs are going to be even better than Spore, are we going to keep on comparing?? Very tiring one leh….

    As for me, being able to see Sukkie & get updated news about Sukkie through your blog, videos, facebook, youtube etc etc etc, i am more than happy liao! 🙂
    And of cos i admit i would envy the other fans from other countries as well lah. hehee! But who wouldn’t envy right? ;p

    So Aphrael, stay strong and continue your fighting spirit for Sukkie and also for yourself k! Jiayou!
    If you need someone to talk to, be it if it is to vent out your frustration or just to chat about Sukkie, you can call me anytime! You know where to find me and you got my hp number right? (^_*)

  5. Oh ya! Forgot to mention, i also believed that JKS has put in all his best and sincerity in all his performances.
    With his perfectionist character, i believed he himself would wanna show his very best to all his fans. And keep bringing new & exciting things for all his fans. 🙂
    JKS is the BEST!! Love him so much! *blush* (^__^)

  6. Aphrael, you said all that I want to say <3
    I always think that he also need relaxations… He brings so much happiness to me, I love the way he is…
    He's an adult, an intelligent man, he knows what to do for his career & health.
    I'm sure whatever he does has a reason !
    I'm so proud to be an eel of him !
    Love all of you, Sing eels, HK eels, Indo eels, Phi eels… and your lettuce dance so much !!!

  7. Aphrael, I’ve been thinking about whether to add my comments earlier or not… in the end I just thought, Suk wouldn’t be happy to know that there’s been arguments amongst his beloved eels. I comfort myself in knowing that Suk will NEVER compromise his performance or practice double-standard. He was sensitive and smart to have slight variations to his fms cos he knows some eels attend the shows in different countries. If every single thing is the same, even he would be bored of the repetitions….

  8. To all eel fans here…especially I would like to give my moral support to aphrael77 ^_^
    Here are some very nice vids which I come across, created by very artistics eel fans & shared by other international eel fans including my buddy from Indonesia,I can look at these for many times & my trouble or headache will go off with a big smile on my face…try this magical touch of JKS’s virus (the term I used as Sukkie is contigious & we can get immuned to his whatever style he has after being an eel)..get ready to smile ^_^

    • wow!! thanks qqyes007 for sharing! these videos really made my day complete 😀

      I smiled allthroughout! ^_^

      @aphrael, I also love all your posts here. you are sooo dedicated to our Sukkie ^_^

      • You’re welcome…i came to this blog to share because I’m touched by what aphrael77 has done as she really is a dedicated eel fans who did translation for eel fans despite she is working adult & now she is picking up Korean language too! Keep fighting!!! ^_^

  9. Aphrael, i strongly believe whatever diff bw each country + mysterious gift is due to the local organiser and HS Media. HK for sure looks better off coz they hv lots experience in organising concert events. Whatever happened is past…our main purpose of attending d FM is to c him & suppoer him. Spore fans had done that. You all hv done yr best to mk him happy too. A proverb sd each person has diff lenghr of each fingers,so do d FMs. If want to be blamed, i strongly believe is d local organiser. They wanted to mk $$$ so they hv to try their vy best to chk out other country FMs & improve their event conducted & gv the audiences best performance w/o causing so big gap of differences. Is natural that eels will compare & envy, which i hv d same feeling too after seeing the 5 clear screen+ extra postcards etc. But nothing v can do. He is still performed his vy best. Lastly, i do hope KL FM will b a good one too.. CRI

  10. Hei All – Thought abt the argument – I was present at his CRI show in Spore last month.Frankly, this is my first time attending his fan meeting and I enjoyed every minute of it and it is still lingering in my mind. Knowing our Prince J – man with sincere, warm and adorable heart – he was for sure not bias and I agreed what he wants is variation and also do his utmost best for his eels. So all eels stop comparing which CRI show is the best – we sld give Sukkie our best support. He did his best during Spore CRI despite of his flu – that we sld acknowledged . To Sukkie, please take care of your health, stay strong and be healthy and all the best for your Malaysia CRI.


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