[News] Taiwanese fans initiate “Marry me Mary” promotion in JKS’ absence

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1 May 2011 – Taiwan’s Star TV is broadcasting “Marry me Mary” from 2 May, but male lead Jang Keun Suk can only come to Taiwan on 25 June to meet fans due to his packed schedule. In spite of this, Taiwanese fans still carried out promotional activities for him in north, central and south Taiwan.

Because of his acting in “You are Beautiful” and “Marry me Mary”, Jang Keun Suk enjoys tremendous popularity in Asia. Not only did his debut single “Let me cry” released in Japan surpass Girls Generation, it topped Japan ranking chart. To JKS who has harboured the dream of being a singer for many years, this comes as happy news.

Due to his high popularity, JKS’ schedule in Asia is fully packed, so although “Marry me Mary” is airing on Star TV from 2 May, JKS cannot make time to go to Taiwan to meet fans until 25 June.

Even though their idol cannot go to Taiwan for the time being, JKS Taiwanese fanclub still initiated country-wide promotional “Marry me Mary” activities respectively in the busy cities of Kao-hsiung, Tai-zhong and Taipei. The most special amongst the promotional activities is in Taipei, where 8 pairs of fans dressed up as the bride and bridegroom in “Marry me Mary” and even distributed “wedding invites”. The “bride” who got the most attention is only 5 years old!

Jang Keun Suk’s Asia Tour was held in Hong Kong last night. His appearance in his signature “Marry me Mary” hairstyle, with his hair combed back and wavy fringe bordering his face, caused Hong Kong fans to go wild. Besides having arranged for bus advertisements, Hong Kong fans donated HK$15,000 in JKS’ name to Japanese earthquake relief efforts. The three main JKS fanclubs in Taiwan expressed that they will not “lose out”, and has already donated NT$100,000 in JKS’ name to Japan Red Cross.

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張根碩不克來台 粉絲主動造勢
2011/05/01 18:02

張根碩因演出「原來是美男」、「瑪莉外宿中」,亞洲人氣超旺,不但在日本首發單曲「Let Me Cry」狠踩少女時代,攻佔日本排行榜冠軍,對懷著歌手夢想多年的張根碩來說,更是十分開心。

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