[29 Apr 2011] Hong Kong press conference

Credits: KeunSukChina, cri-p, 無敵LOLIxi:and Kathryn on Sina


Today’s press conference in Hong Kong was short. JKS appeared, blew kisses at fans, talked a bit to promote his activities, ice-breaking ceremony, cut the cake and said see you tomorrow …

And Hong Kong eels donated a sum of money towards the Japan earthquake relief efforts, so presumably JKS presented the cheque to charity. They also gave an iPad2 as present to JKS! He was very happy when he got it ….

JKS’ parents were also there (see pic below). His mother goes with him to all his overseas performance. I wouldn’t mind being JKS’ sister if it means I get to fly all over with him too! Haha~!

For more pics,



So cute ….


25 thoughts on “[29 Apr 2011] Hong Kong press conference”

  1. who’s his parents didnt see them in the picture?!?

    I rather be his girlfriend or wife which i get to see his face everyday in the morning and at night not sister LOL 😛

    woah I should of gotten a flight to HK to see him

    • Hehe his parents sat like 5 meters away from my seat in Singapore’s CRI Show!! 😀 They looked really proud of him and stood up to like shake a bit for his Lounge H.

  2. Is it the last pic, where d man wearing white and a long hair lady wearing blue are his parents. can’t c their face, leh! Was HK poster same as Thailand. I like it as compared to Singapore……….He got an IPad2….wow. HK eels really spend $$ to mk him happy ya! Malaysia fans can do something better ? FIGHTING…..

  3. aphrael77, when you mentioned u don’t mind be his sister, my mind think of his sister “Suni” heeee.. because Sukkie always said “Suni” is his sister…see this vid by created by Vietnameels uploaded by my buddy number1eels ^_^
    —-> jang geun SUK & SUNI – lovely sisters.mpg

    • Dear All, u can also view Sukkie’s whole family in one shot in the vid above about Suk & Suni (his sister lol…) Aphrael77, are you refering to “sister” as in “Suni”, if so…you will be luckier as you get hug & kiss by Sukkie many times ^_^

      • Thx, QQeye. Our in laws is it the man holding Sunni with a lond hair women next to him? The women looks beautiful…. JKS must has her genes….

  4. I wanna see our mother in law face… lol since JKS once said that all eels are his wife ^^ “in other words,please be true…in other words,i luv u…”

  5. yes, carol, Sukkie’s mum is the long hair lady besides his dad who is carrying Suni, they sure look a very closely knitted family and I believe Sukkie is a good boy as I always see good feedback from his seniors who work with him..in fact like what Jason Jang of HS media has commented in press conference on shanghai recently, he praised Sukkie has special charm to make his co-workers n ppl around him to become his fans…^_^

    • i’ve downlod it to my hpone to c sunni. mine is a big male dog, labrador called Sunday. So matched ya ! Sunday & Sunni……


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