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  1. aphrael77, whenever I see Sukkie in this kimchi noodle hairstlye, I will look forward to his new movie “you’re my pet”, I would like to share with you & friends here the following link to the Youtube on another good creation shared by Vietnameels which I saw previously, don’t you think he has to learn from his “sis” Suni for this role? ^_^

    • What a cute video!! I’m really looking forward to seeing JKS act in “You’re my Pet”.
      He’s going to be sooooo cute and really act the character well!

    • Thanks QQeyes007 for sharing this video!
      OMG!! JKS is soooooooooo cute!! hahaaa! ^o^
      And i really think that he is BEST suited for this role! No one else can be as cute & charming as him! (^___^)

      • aphrael77 & crazyoverJKS, I’m very happy to share with all of you as there are so many creative vids created by eel fans that I believe they are happy to share with all eels….Sukkie is really amazing right as he is such a chameleon good actor that even I feel that this role “you’re my pet” is meant for him ^_^

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