[28 Apr 2011] JKS arriving in Hong Kong

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The above pic was posted by a passer-by Wayne L at Hong Kong airport. His actual words were “first time seeing such a scary idol-greeting crowd at the airport. But who is Jang Keun Suk?!” ( 第一次在机场遇到这么恐怖的粉丝接机团。可是,到底谁是张根硕啊?!)

The plane landed at around 10.30 pm but apparently, it took about an hour for JKS to come out.


Finally, JKS was out!



Even from a distance, his smile sets our hearts aflutter….


Is he trapped at the airport??


Updates from eels on Sina:

Kathryn: Very chaotic at the airport. The Prince is feeling unhappy! Hope eels can be orderly!

Mokka_JKS: I saw Suk! Coming out from a heaving crowd and stepping on the escalator coming towards us. But those rough reporters kept pushing us. They are the ones who surrounded him. We did not scream or push towards them, but it’s those reporters who kept shoving and many eels had been knocked around. I saw Suk lose his smile. Hope JKS and HS Media see the situation clearly, us eels are also helpless.

Cri-P: (JKS) has successfully reached the hotel. We didn’t take photos once out of the airport. It’s been tough on everyone today, have an early rest ^^ Good night JKS, good night eels!




16 thoughts on “[28 Apr 2011] JKS arriving in Hong Kong”

  1. ya… Hong Kong reporters can go to any lengths to take pics…. hope JKS take care of himself in HKG ….

    the reporters couldn’t care less, but when I read about Sukkie feeling unhappy and losing his smile…. I feel upset too!

    • Ya, looks Singapore airport is much better, that’s why a lot of popular actor or actress like to have a holiday in Singapore, our Singapore reports are much polite.

  2. Geeeeeeeeee………… Prince Jang is unhappy, making us feel sad & unhappy too. 🙁
    Hope he feels better after tonight’s rest.
    Sleep well Sukkie!!!

    • me too. even at Bangkok airport in Jan this year, it was the most crowded but he was smiling all the way …. I wonder how rough those HKG reporters are ….

  3. oh no…JKS seems to be not in a good mood.. i hope the crowd and reporters will behave themselves and let JKS pass next time without having much trouble..

  4. I’ll not go to the airport to c him when he comes to KL, coz dun want to get stepped and pushed & also no time la!. BTW he won’t notice me too. Most of the time, he will be tired after d flight (from Seoul to KL takes around 6 hrs) , better not to disturb him, lo! Also dun want him to be unhappy & spoilt his mood like HK now. In directly will affect his performance ……….

    • When I was working in the airport, I never bothered with any celebs, don’t care who they are lah…. But I would overnight infront of his gate for Sukkie!

  5. Our prince has said before that he does not like reporters shoving cameras right in front of his face. No wonder he was unhappy 🙁

  6. Actually, Keun Suk has said before that he does not like people to TOUCH his body AT ALL, not to mention pushing, shoving, physical contact and making fans fall over. Those HK reporters are so aggressive and completely devoid of basic curtesy. If you have a rabbit and fifty people poke and squeeze it, the rabbit would also die. Disorderliness amongst a huge crowd is not only scary but highly dangerous (can cause a stampede and people get seriously hurt).


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