[22 Apr 2011] JKS’ response to SG eels’ mob dance

Credits: hongbigyoke
Thanks to lean

Ok, I’m prejudiced. I simply have to post this video because it’s the hard work and fruit of our group of Singapore eels who practised hard to give JKS a surprise – anything to put a smile on his face! We succeeded and he could do one action in our dance too!!

I’m so happy!!!! Thanks, lean, for sharing the video!

10 thoughts on “[22 Apr 2011] JKS’ response to SG eels’ mob dance”

  1. Oh, very nice dance, I didn’t see any dance that day due to I was standing another side, but I can see JKS’ smile very clearly. He seems very happy and enjoyed, thanks for your performance!

  2. Oh…. Fantastic! Awesome! In fact, I couldn’t find a right word to say…. You gals are so fabulous. I wish anyone could record the entire performance and share on the web, really wanna see it. Great work ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. you all wonderful Eels *bow*

    …and thanks to MC who make sure how exited Eels from all over Asia, he even ask ” where’s fans from Indonesia??” and i hear so crazy screaming sound from Indonesian fans >>> HAPPY – HAPPY – HAPPY great scream Gals ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. aphrael77 , thanks again for uploading this clearer version to share as after yesterday seeing his Cri-show yesterday, I started to miss Sukkie & when I see this video, it make me smiles again as both Sukkie & eel fans are really very happy in this videos, he really appreciates what all of you have done for him and I believe all will treasure this moment ^_^

  5. this is the first time i see mob dance coz at that time i was in the back row of photograph area. Aphrael , did u doing mob dance ?? so u must be know ika mei ( indonesian eels ) ?? she did mob dance too


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