43 thoughts on “[Fan Account] By Aphrael77: Cri Show in Singapore – 23 April 2011”

  1. Thanks for sharing :D!!!! one question during the Hello Hello? did he sing the upbeat version? or did you guys just listened to it and danced along?

    ^^ Thanks again

    • In this FM, Sukkie teased us fans a few times as fir this hello hello song, he sang the slow version live n we thought he will continue till end but he stopped abruptly n asked if Singapore is cool or hot n we said hot so he restarted the upbeat hello hello LIVE n all stand up n dance with him!!!

      • Awesome! =( How I want to see him singing Hello Hello live, was it amazing?? *is jealous and upset that they didnt let any cameras into the show*

  2. Thank you so much Aphrael for a wonderful overview of the JKS performans at Singapore! Also thanks to Rongling, Staying Up Late, Sophie for keeping you a company 🙂 . I am waiting for all of you posting your own impressions of JKS.
    Please Aphrael, tell JKS we love him and want him to be very HAPPY!

  3. I was there too and really enjoy seeing and hearing his live singing so much despite of his cold, just hope he can rest better after this show. I must say the loungeH performance is GREAT!!! he really makes us move with his dance n music.. I must say the whole experience is so much better than what I see from vids of his FM, I will regret if I didn’t go for his FM ^_^ but now I start to miss him already..

  4. Dear Aphrael,
    Thank you for your report in detail!!!

    I’m really worried about his current condition,
    but according to your report above, he did his bestest show under adversity.
    I’m proud of his professionalism 🙂

    Honestly, I want him to take a good rest and nourishment…

  5. The show was really fantastic despite that he was not in his peak condition. He is really professional. 근석 씨, please take care Cri and have plenty of rest as far as possible. We couldn’t wait to see you again next year ^^

  6. JKS is born for stage, his performance is fantastic, I am definitely enjoyed his show. Being obedient Singaporean, I did’ take any photos, but his voice is so awesome, i can’t help to take out my mobile phone to record, if anyone are interested here, I don’t mind share a bit, but the first 2 song are most nice one, I regret I did’t record.

    Aphrael, try to find a place in the hotel to sit, make your waiting comfortable, next day will be tough working day for us, we need to keep health to support our prince, and enjoy our life.

  7. I’m once again charmed by Sukkie’s strong stage presence n fantastics chameleon role changing skill displayed in this FM, he is really a borned actor with so much talents that I will keep admiring forever ^_^

  8. This is my first show of JKS n BB 🙂 what I had last is unforgetable moment IBM y mine also in memories. – envy him with working professionally 🙂 which is a great work even d condition s not good. But the show much go on and I envy him so much. He needs to take care of his health that’s all 🙂 love him for every angle characters he has 🙂


  9. Dear Aphrael, fantastic overview! U going to hotel? Pls do convey to JKS to really take care of his health n not overexert, be fully well by the time his official debut for his new album!!!! 🙂 JKS, thank you so much for the wonderful performance!!! 🙂

    • Haha~ XD

      He didn’t drop any accessories, but I forgot to mention that as Lounge H performance/dancing was quite energy-consuming, he perspired a lot and wiped his face with towel. He threw about 3 of these towels off-stage to fans!!

      Erm, while many eels would love to keep the towel and not wash it, er…. personally I think it’s a bit yucky with sweat and make-up ….. LOL

      • Aphrael, he DID!!! I saw it from upstairs! He dropped his bangle during LH! Later on Mgr Kim picked it up as he was wiping the water that JKS ‘showered’ with onstage. Lol!!

  10. Thank you, aphrael! I really enjoy reading your writing, just makes me really feel as in the great performance of JKS, especially when JKS with all his jokes come up during the performance. He’s really cute guy who will always entertain his eels. Just you mention, the interviewer asked JKS whether to choose between singing and acting in the future, I’m really curious he will choose singing. He’s a good singer, but I still wanna watch his drama and movies 🙂

  11. Hi aphrael!

    Thanks again so much for sharing in full detail what happened in the FM.
    I was so sad that i wasn’t able to buy some items from the show but after reading your blog, i’m quite happy now knowing that all of you as well as Jks had a blast!

    I really wish i was there. Maybe next time, i can see one of his shows..I hope Jks could really read your blog so that he would know how we love him so much! 🙂

    Thanks again! 🙂 kahmsamnida. Ü

  12. Dear all,

    I am outside to accompany my mother, I can’t only think of Prince, has to spend sometime with my mother, actually I am also very enjoyable with her together.

    Give me some time I will share his voice with you, fantastic!

    Let’s work hard for supporting him!

  13. I miss yesterday SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! The show was suppose to be like 100 mins but it was like almost 140 mins!!! JKS was SO FREAKING sexy when he did his Lounge H!!!!! <3 <3 <3
    BTW any1 noes when he is leaving Singapore?? I hope he comes back next year with longer performances. 😀 But at the starting of the show, he looked angry as I think that the production crew was not ready on time. But he chilled after the first two songs!! At the end, Ah Dong had to come out twice as we all shouted Jang Keun Suk and ENCORE!!!!!! Hehe it was really fun!!!

  14. Thank’s Aphrael, I wish I was there 🙁 Now I hope JKS get some rest and don’t do diet anymore, so worried about his schedule, he must be so tired…

  15. I always grumble during the show (“bad sound..”#sorry)
    I didn’t really enjoyed for all song he sang.
    And fall asleep while the YAB scene show (I’m not feeling well at that time), But awakened because of fan screamed and got my power back on interaction time.
    #but it get worst now (always slept on the plan
    12.30 singapore time till arrived)

    oh,,I did answer “Shaving raddish” for that question (haha)
    After that, how Lucky!! I kept my power high till the show end. /
    But I still happy for my first time there.
    Did a lonely-long-trip just for the sake of my lovely jang keun suk ^_^….

  16. whoaa envy w/ you gals ^^ thanks so much for sharing this Great experience….i hope there’re pictures and videos to complete my imagination after read this heheee

  17. Thank you for sharing 🙂
    I’m Thai but right now I live in USA, so I miss the chance to go to his concert in Bangkok. So saddddddddddd. I’m wishing that one day I’ll have a chance to meet him like you did. I’m glad to see Thai eels in Singapore anyway…..

  18. Ivy, you sure are working hard, the FM report came up so quickly!!! It was GREAT having you guys (Celine, Sophie, Rongling and Yours truly) share this first in my lifetime experience. The fun is increased 1000 folds because of all your presences and YOU made everything possible (Plus Jang Keun Suk, of course!). A SUPER DUPER THANKS! Your signboard is awesome, it had a full 10 minutes of glory being projected as the centerstage backdrop of the show!

    I totally agree with your assessment of the FM (particularly the highs and lows of it)and think that it is wonderful of you to provide Keun Suk a copy of it so that he may have first hand feedback on how his FM fared with the audiences. I sense that he is a perfectionist and would have wanted to ensure that his performances are delivered flawlessly everytime. His organisers need to tighten their act in order to do proper justice to Keun Suk’s professional performances.

    Jang Keun Suk is the first and only artiste that I feel for and think truly deserving of favor. He started work at a very tender young age (at 5 or 6 years). Seeing his cereal advertisment as a kid grow into minor roles in dramas as a little boy , teenager in sitcoms, youth in game shows, music dj and compere, supporting and finally landing lead acting roles in dramas as an adult, makes one appreciate how long and ardous his path must have been. Through the years, he persevered (perhaps due to family conditions), honed his skills and worked tirelessly to the extend that he could not even have a regular school going childhood. Today we see this multi-talented artiste who can ACT, SING, DANCE, SCRIPT and very likely one day in the future DIRECT!!!

    At the FM, when I saw him singing, acting, performing very much on his own without live band, groups of backup singers or dancers, my heart really went out to him. Plus he even coughed before starting to sing proper. However, Keun Suk unquestionably OWNED the stage. He showed off his acting skills to perfection, sang with a such a strong and more controlled voice, dance in an uber cool manner (and seductively too when he wished) and best of all he really knew how to work the crowd! His cameraman must have the easiest job possible because Keun Suk looks good from any angle and every view!

    From the end of the FM, right up till now the phrase “gotta gettcha” is still repeating in my head. You are absolutely right, we miss him already and hope to see him again real soon!

    • Your observation and comments are astute as always ^^
      Totally agree with you.

      I managed to pass the copy of my fan account to JKS at the hotel, I hope that he has time to read it from a fan’s point of view, but even if he does not have time to read it, it’s ok too. I’ve done my part as a fan to give the feedback, it’s up to the organisers or Tree-J what to do with it ^^

      Sigh …. such a perfect and yet genuine guy … totally deserving of our love and support!!

  19. Thank’s Aphrael for sharing your joy during the fan meeting/concert of our prince….
    Surely we will support him….keep safe always sukkie….fighting!!!!!

  20. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us!!! 😀
    & if I’m not mistaken, ‘I will promise you’ is from Marry me Mary.
    Anyways, I’m glad that you had a superb day! 🙂

  21. Thanks for bringing back wonderful memories of the FM! 🙂

    do u knw whether he went out to any bar or clubs friday or saturday nite!

    Also after the FM it took me nearly an hour before i could catch a cab not a local so dont knw the taxi no. & people were stealing my cab 🙁

    • It’s quite common can’t catch up taxi after performance, next time try to take Bus or MRT, with JKS’ song will make our public transport more enjoyable.

  22. OMG I totally missed that post!!! “After that, JKS appeared in the clothes and hairstyle of Hwang Tae-kyung ” SCREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMS!!!! Lol

    Thanks Aphrael!


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