[News] Acting comes first for Jang Keun Suk

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He sings, dances, models and deejays, but at the end of the day, this Korean hottie would still like to be known as a “good Korean actor”

Jang Keun Suk may be dubbed as the ‘Most Influential Korean Star in Asia’ or known as the Korean artiste with a Japanese single and electronic music album under his belt, but what he really wants to be recognized for is his acting.

And if this Drama Major in Hanyang University ever had to choose between these activities, acting would still take precedence as it is both his “dream and my life”.

To further drive home his point, when we raised the possibilities of catching him on Korean variety programmes — as with the ongoing trend amongst idols and actors these days, the 23-year-old politely replied that he wants to “build myself to be a deeper actor” and “focus on delivering better pictures in dramas and in movies.”

“Once I achieve that, maybe later on I’ll try out [Korean variety programmes],” he shared.

For fans eager to catch him in a new drama production, you might just have to wait. Although he has received scripts from various producers, he has yet to decide on a new drama project and says he’s “just thinking about it” for now.

Recently conferred the title of ‘Most Influential Korean Star in Asia’ at the China Music Awards, Keun Suk says he is open to collaborating with any Chinese artiste as long as they would like to work with him and readily named Chinese actress ‘Shu Qi’ as his ideal woman.


With a plate full of activities across different Asian countries which includes promoting his Japanese single, Let Me Cry, and prepping for his upcoming movie role in the Korean remake of Kimi wa Petto (You’re My Pet), the heartthrob was all smiles despite looking rather worn out.

Unlike his previous visit last year, the Mary Stayed Out All Night actor will only be in town for 2.5 days to kick start his 2011 Jang Keun Suk Cri Show in Singapore, which xinmsn is official online media for.

At his interview session with xinmsn after the press conference held at Ritz Carlton Hotel, we asked Keun Suk what he would like to do most if he was in Singapore on a secret vacation.


Taking a moment to ponder over our question, he gave an embarrassed chuckle before replying in fluent English, “First of all, I just want to have some Hainanese chicken rice (laughs), and perhaps visit the sea and beach area.

“The last time in Singapore, my manager and I went to some beach and we just sat there thinking about our future and new job plans. I just want some break time right now. Yeah, I’m really tired this time,” Keun Suk let on, grinning as he heaved a slight sigh at the mention of it.


While the thought of having a break remains a dream for now, at least the Korean hottie has no obligations to watch over his waistline this time round. The avid lover of Hainanese chicken rice revealed he has every intention to indulge and feast on his favourite local delights during his time here.

Recalling his strict diet regime last year, he cringed and grimaced, “It was really… I don’t want to think about it now. It’s really hard.”

Clarifying on a recent interview where he spoke of his desire to go on diet, Keun Suk erupted into fits of laughter and gleefully exclaimed, “No, it’s finished!” at the mention of it.


“Actually I just want to have a skinny body — that is really trendy in the world. Diet is actually when I have some drama or movie roles. When I have a new character, I have to do some diet, change my hair colour or my style.”

“But now, I’m ready for my new movie, You’re My Pet. My diet is finished, I don’t need it! (Guffaws).”



Source: Xin MSN
Text: Joanna Goh
Photos: Lee Wei Lin
Videos: Teng Siew Eng, Juliet Chow, Tay Yixuan & Fiona Lin

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