8 thoughts on “[22 Apr 2011] JKS Autograph Session in Singapore – 3 videos”

  1. tnx Aphrael for the updates..
    u’r a really great eEL…

    sorry..but im curious of who u are…
    i love ur work as an eel…
    just recently i’ve been addicted to JKS..
    and found out ur blog site..
    so immediately i signed up…
    ur amazing..hope to know u soon..

    • Thanks …. I’m not the most updated eel around, and there are other websites or Facebook pages with more information and photos than my blog ….
      but i think the amazing thing is the eels’ unity and willingness to share information, pics and videos. whatever happens to JKS in one country is simply all over the internet, most times as fast as it happens … wonderful, and of course, JKS is simply wonderful too ^^

      …. and it’s not just work or a chore … it’s something I enjoy doing, and it’s part of my life ^^

  2. Keun Suk is so warm, approachable and genuinely happy to see his fans – therein lies his GREATEST charm. He smiles so sincerely, hugs the fans warmly and really makes one feel like you are his friend and he is delighted to be here.

    I have found out tonight though that one really needs to have a ticket to get a clear view of him. Some lettuce holding fans pushed past me with scant regard that I was in position first and I ended up watching the top of Keun Suk’s hair fly by on his final exit. Thank goodness I have a ticket for the FM tommorrow and hopefully could see Keun Suk perform properly.

    Ivy and team, you guys did a great job filming the event and airport arrival so clearly!

  3. Aphrael thanks for uploading vids…you are really are true eel! I love JKS as much as other eels would do, but I couldn’t be like you guys, very fast in uploading photos, news and vids…salute to you guys!! Seeing him in your videos make me really can’t wait for his upcoming show in Malaysia!! I think I want to wait at the airport too hahahah!!! He is really cool and friendly to his eels…Not forgetting how multi talented he is. Thats make he is a real superstar!! Thank God I finally found my one and only superstar (I never been this crazy for a celebrity be it Hollywood superstar or Asian..) JKS is my one and only favorite superstar!!


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