[2015-05-19] Tree-J twitter

Jang Keun Suk CRI SHOW3 HALL tour the final city Sapporo 2nd day of the stage ended successfully. See you next time at Tokyo Budokan, the final venue of this tour!
장근석 크리쇼3 홀투어 마지막 도시인 삿포로 두번째 공연이 무사히 끝났습니다. 다음엔 이번 투어의 대미를 장식할 도쿄 부도칸에서 만나요!

6 thoughts on “[2015-05-19] Tree-J twitter”

  1. Very lovely smile ♡♡♡
    This hairdo looks like Dokgo Ma-Te’s one. ♡♡♡
    I miss him 🙁

    Just finished watching ep 2 of producers, a new drama on KBS2 and it helped me a lot in addition to pinocchio to best understand what happened to our prince in ” three meals a day ” and how it rude & cruel the entertainment industry in korea also how he is brave enough our boy to deal and survive with all those difficulties.
    I’am not saying that to be a killjoy or to Rub salt into the wound! but to let you know how impressive and proud of him am i !!

  2. his bright smile brings light to my life ♡ i love him.

    I like his 2 Pillows, together again 😉 nice but where is his red blanket ? ^^ i miss that red blanket.

    JKS looks very handsome! I love his hairstyle, JKS looks sexy, soft, handsome and cool. I think his hairstyle is a combination of just crazy (album 2012 on May 30th) and Seo Joon (Love Rain drama 2012). COOL!

    love rain so great and epic romantica kdrama, Hokkaido reminds me to Diamond Snow and JKS’s first date with Yoona from LR drama, beautiful scene and beautiful memories in Hokkaido. the diamond snow is so magical, romantic , wonderful and unforgettable LOVE.

    JKS is a talented, handsome, warm, friendly, respectful and intelligent man. he will be a wonderful husband and father.

    I want to have Asia prince JKS’s Cri Show 3 DVD soon. I’m very excited.


    • he is the perfect man, i love him.

      right, the diamond snow is so magical, romantic , wonderful and unforgettable LOVE. i miss Love Rain too T.T

      p.s. Agree, his hairstyle is like seo joon <3 i love it <3


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