14 thoughts on “[2015-05-19] jksjapan twitter”

  1. Yes Sukkie it’s a lot more fun seeing that bright smile on your face after a concert performance…

    Our biggest congratulations – cheers!

    Now its down to two more and all the best to come…

  2. our prince is so busy with so many concerts…yet he looks so refreshed these days…always smiling…he seems quite happy…
    i wonder when he will start promoting in china and other asian countries again.japan is so lucky to see him often
    hoping he’ll do a drama this year…any drama…he always does his best in all his dramas and internalizes his role…no matter the ratings i loved bel ami…the story was good with so many life lessons and plenty of jang’s faces

  3. YAY! really JKS is very handsome, I love his gaze, face, hair and smile♡
    his gaze and eyes are full of sweetness, innocence, softness, hope and happiness. his smile so precious and radiant.

    JKS is perfect inside and out. I have no doubt. ♡

    zikzin ♡ shikshin

    p.s. i am really loving his seo joon hairstyle and haircolor (Love Rain ♡)

    • JKS even using a simple blue t-shirt with grey hoodie, he looks incredibly bright, beautiful, cool and sexy but with an innocent air style.wow ♡ ♡

      his radiant aura, personality and style catch me ♡ ♡

  4. While Japanese eels were enjoying the live concert broadcast, I was watching a very young JKS in the movie ‘Do Re Mi’ on You Tube with English subtitles. I’d never seen it before, and I thought it would just be a sweet romantic confection. Boy, was I wrong! JKS really is a terrific actor – his performance was so heartbreaking that I felt like I’d been punched in the stomach!! I so strongly hope that he finds a really rich script that is perfect for his age and allows him to really show what he’s capable of bringing to the screen. I love the RomComs cause they make me feel so warm and mushy inside, but I’d really love to see him sink his teeth into something with the emotional depth that I think he’s capable of portraying.

    • I share this sentiment. While he makes me all tummy-fluttery with his acting in RomComs, I want to see him continue to challenge himself and grow as an actor. I’m excited to see what kinds of projects he pursues in the future. ^_^

  5. prince keun suk so handsome and sweet. his hairstyle looks like seo joon. i love it.<3

    lovely pic from crishow3 in sapporo-hokkaido, ZikZin!!!

  6. Love this photo. Sukkie looks so beautiful, relaxed and happy. ♥ He looks like Jang Keun Suk to me. Hehe 😉 I`m watching Love Rain now again, and must remind myself sometimes that it`s Sukkie. He is an amazing actor, and totally different in every role.

    Really hope that we`ll get to see Sapporo Cri Show after broadcasting 30th Juni. Just a few minutes of the show would make me happy. Can`t wait to see the CS3-DVD teaser. Looks like it will be released soon.^^

    • I was planning to watch Love Rain this weekend.. hehe.. yes watching him act makes you believe he’s a different person.. I fell in love with Seo Joon when I watched Love Rain, and now I’m in love with Keun Suk oppa. ♥


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