[News] CRI SHOW III DVD and tour photo book will be released

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Original source: http://www.jang-keunsuk.jp/crishow3/dvd-tourbook.html
2015 Jang Keun Suk CRI SHOW III DVD HALL version recorded the final day of Sapporo and ARENA version the final day of Budokan will be released on October 10th, 2015. Both include the digest of other stages and behind-the-scenes videos. The price is 6,980 yen each. Ahead of the release, HALL tour book will be released on June 5th, 2015. The price is 2,160 yen. All photos of each 6 city are included. As the special bonus, they prepare 2 types of tapes printed JKS’ autograph for the buyers. The tour book will be pre-sold at Budokan.

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  1. One down three more to go Sukkie – all sold out concerts and eventually the upcoming release of all the concert related DVDs, isnt that great?

    Keep going and flying high in the pursuit of your shining STAR…….. There’s certainly no more holding back this time around.

    We love you so very much!!! Go CRI – Cheers!!

  2. And one more thing…

    Can’t they release those simultaneously in Korea like they do in Japan? That feat could totally complete Sukkie’s happiness???

    • I don’t think they will. His singing career has built only in Japan. He wants to be an actor in Korea. That’s why he hasn’t released CDs and tour DVDs in Korea so far.

      • So that’s how it is? Actor Jang in Korea and singer Keun Chan in Japan – why is that so, our dear Tenshi??? Why cant he just be both a singer and an actor at the same time in both countries he loves so dearly?

        Does Sukkie have any problem with that? And how come Japan never provides English subtitles? Is it part of Japan’s culture?

        And if that is really the case here, then the more and more we should all be really really GRATEFUL to you and your team Tenshi…..You have no idea how much we appreciate all the love, care and support you give not only to Sukkie but to all his EELs around the globe. You’re such a precious gem to us – thank you very much!

        God bless and take care always

      • I think it’s his choice that he keeps being an actor in Korea, and thanks to his popularity in Japan, a Japanese record company PONYCANYON made a contract with him. I don’t know well about K-POP industry, but I think he has to belong to a big record company to release his own CD in Korea. He doesn’t like to join such a big company, so I think he doesn’t have a plan to release his CD in Korea.
        About subtitles of DVDs released in Japan, almost all don’t have English subs. Instead, they have Japanese subtitles. Japanese entertainment companies focus on Japanese domestic market only, so no necessary to subtitle contents in English. Actually they do translate from other languages (Korean etc.) to Japanese for subtitles. It already costs a lot.

      • Well said Tenshi – thank you very much!!! Arent you watching his concert tonight?

        And of course to you Sukkie, make it good because I know you are good…

        Tonight is your big night so just enjoy every bit of it.

        We love you and so very proud of you Jang Geun Suk…

        Go CRI – Zikzin!!!

  3. Finally the release date! I always love his tour DVDs. Can`t wait to watch them! Thank you so much for your translation and explanation, Tenshi. I don`t know what we would do without you.

    So tomorrow is a big day – both the live viewing and filming for DVD. Fighting Sukkie! 🙂

  4. Yay! Finally! Cant wait to watch them and to have photobook as well… excited! 😀
    Thank you so much tenshi for your translation

  5. Tehshi, thanks very much for your information about the subtitles, movies, and CDs. It all makes sense now.
    Also, I could not agree more with Baby when she gives you and your group a GREAT GREAT BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU for so faithfully keeping all of us informed about JKS!!! Just think of how much you support JKS by introducing him to new fans and how much happiness you bring to Eels all over the world through your postings and translations! I certainly am glad that I found you! You and your colleagues really are a treasure for both JKS and all of his Eels 🙂

  6. yes thank you too tenshi…with all your efforts you deserve all our gratitude…i wonder if our prince knows about your blog? he should, you know..i seem to have come across a photo of you with him…there were three in the photo…was that you?
    your blog plays a central role in my life…it’s the first thing i check when i wake up and also the last thing i check before i sleep..since i work from home, i alsocheck it for update every half hour in the hope that you have posted something new…thank you thank you…am a philippine eel so your translations are priceless…

  7. Hello tenshi _akuma

    I am new to JKS (about 7 weeks) so only know him through You’re beautiful and then found him through Youtube – Last resort – wow!

    I wonder if he will ever release any of his dvds – especially the I Just Wanna Have Fun DVD in BLURAY?? I just bought it, and was hoping that it would be re-released in bluray – since a bluray will keep the quality that we may sometimes lose when we play a region 2 dvd in US dvd players on large HD tvs….

    Thank you so much for your dedication to this website…I like your name – hard to forget!

    • I’m afraid not. DVDs released in Japan is for region 2, so you can’t play it without region free DVD player.

      • Kazuko

        You will need to buy a DVD player that is for “All Regions”
        Some USA eels have managed to purchase such DVDs at reasonable price and have been watching Suk’s DVDs very happily.

        I try to see if any of them can help with this.

      • Kazuko

        You can try to order an all regions DVD player on line. Samsung is about US$155 but they have some less expensive.

        Or you can try to play the DVDs on your computer and connect to the tv with a cable. you have 3 or 4 times you can reset your region code on your computer.

  8. Keiko, Check out Amazon.com for All Regions DVD player. You can purchase a Samsung from $40. and up. I bought my Samsung through them and am very happy with it. It is well worth the purchase so you really enjoy our JKS. ZikZin

  9. Thank you to all the people giving suggestions about region 2 dvd players….may i say that if you are going to spend the money around $155 for a region free dvd player, you might as well buy a region free bluray player as shown in Amazon also? This way, when JKS every releases a blu-ray…you will already have the blu-ray player to play your vid…..

    I generally play the dvds back on my laptop with an HDMI cable – to the tv…

    The difference between a blu-ray and a regular dvd on an HD tv (mine is only 37 inches – but it still shows a lot of graininess in the dvds that are heavily light show intensive….) is no comparison….the blu-ray is generally stunning….

    If he ever releases a blu-ray – I promise to upload captures from the blu ray version to show how fantastic it is….

    I noticed that the JKS dvds I have bought – the picture quality is usually much better than what is uploaded on youtube.

    For example, as a result of what niamki replied to a question I asked about on what dvd I can find a particular sequence….- I bought the Lounge H 2012 dvd…and I am so happy!!!!

    The picture quality is waaaaay better …so I just repeat the same part on like a continuous loop….and the sound is nice too…although I listen to it on some bluetooth ear buds that give out a pretty good bass sound….

    EDM is made to be be loud with bass emphasis….

  10. Hello,

    It sounds exciting to wait to for the dvds! Is the Hall version the “making of” version, and the arena version is the “live version?”
    Thank you to whoever kindly answers.

    • No, Akiko. Both versions have 2 discs – one “making”-disc, and one the live perfomance-disc. The hall verson is CS3 in Sapporo, and the arena verson is CS3 in Budokan, Tokyo. Can´t wait to get them! 🙂


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