[2015-04-23] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

UPDATE: added another tweet

Mille-feuille hot pot! Today’s dinner was a success!!


tenshi_akuma’s note: Mille-feuille hot pot is a popular recipe using Chinese cabbage and pork. If you’re interested in it, check the recipe shared on the internet. Here’s one of them written in English.

Even I made rice porridge..

@the mr.show show must go on!
I will go to see this week!
Do you know how fun it is?
But I won’t give in to muscular men!
I just go on ZikZin!!

@the mr.show show must go on!!

tenshi_akuma’s note: Suk once again promoted a Korean entertainment show, MR. SHOW held in Japan. But I’m afraid eels are not interested in other men, especially muscular men XD

13 thoughts on “[2015-04-23] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. Thank You Tenshi for the update he really love’s food!and knows how to cook..Iam proud of this guy I wish i could find someone like him who knows in the kitchen very well!!

  2. one thing i really like about him is he really likes to cook, he loves to cook… im glad he shared to us whats their dinner last night hihihi 🙂

  3. I am so happy seeing him to have fun and doing his favorite things. Lately he was relaxed and calm and these days he literally shines. And his sparkling eyes… Oh, my! What is he doing to me?

    As for being muscular, I’m agree with you Sukkie, it is better to have a lean, not so muscular body, at least in my opinion. I don’t know. I am the type of woman who prefer the men who are well proportioned: not too thin, not too muscular but still having strength. Having a bunch of muscles seems to much, looks kinda disproportioned. Not to tell that they frighten me. Maybe because I’m petite?

    • same with me about muscular man. they doesnt look natural..isn’t it? keun suk figure just like a comic character. the handsome one..i mean..exercise is good..to build stamina and maintain figure…dont need to overdo it.

      about the food..
      is it japanese food? sound like french..i know he loves to cook but cooking just after the show..how come?? not tired at all..

  4. Well, I know Mille-Feuille is a popular and delicious french dessert also known as Napoleon. It is made of layers of puff pastry and vanilla-egg cream and other stuff. “Mille” means thousand in french, and “feuille” is for leaves or in this case for layers. So you can translate it as “A thousand leaves “. I believe that Japanese took the idea and created a hot pot using cabbage, pork and other vegetables. Mille-Feuille Nabe (hot pot) originated in Japan and is very popular there. Take a look on google to see some pictures or to find the recipe if you ever want to make it :-).


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