[For fun] What happened to JKS’ bangle at 15th GCMA?

Credits: lefthere1030 @ Sina
Okay, this is really funny.
JKS lost an earring at the Beijing FM 2010 and he has lost his bangle at 15th GCMA.
He was too high and swinging his arm during “Gotta Get Cha” performance, so his bangle flew out, and this Chinese eel must have combed through the video clip second-by-second to solve the mystery of the missing bangle and cut out the exact moment it was lost…. what an amazing detective eel here! …. LOL

Two learning points:

(1) We should all keep an eye out for flying accessories at JKS’ LH performances…. who knows we can pick them up!


(2) JKS should bring along more back-up accessories!

7 thoughts on “[For fun] What happened to JKS’ bangle at 15th GCMA?”

  1. Wow… this is a great video cut. Chinese eel, you are the best !! Thanks for all the updates and English translation. You are so lucky to be able to attend JKS’ performances. I don’t think any flying accessories can land in Rome…

  2. hahaha…..this is so funny….
    and i think, later on, next on LH performances, it’s not so hard to keep an eye & find JKS’s flying accessories, cuz his is blink-blink accessories..


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