[Whereabouts] JKS at airport today

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JKS departing from Chengdu

The majority of eels at Shanghai Pudong airport waited on the ground floor, but JKS made his exit on the 2nd floor (express clearance without luggage). There was quite a rush as many eels dashed to the 2nd floor, and soon JKS was surrounded by fans and could not move. Some eels asked JKS for autographs and he obliged.

The general conclusion from those at the airport is, JKS is very handsome!

For 2 more pics,

JKS signing autographs for a few lucky fans

Eels on the ground floor looking up at JKS

5 thoughts on “[Whereabouts] JKS at airport today”

  1. How can he ALWAYS be so hot?? People getting off plane look tired, annoyed, … but he’s alwyas perfect; Aphrael when you meet him, ask him his secret please!

    • i think i know his secret….haha…
      always smile & keep enthusiastic level, you know that meeting EELS were re-charging his energy!


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