[GCMA] Misc pics

Credits: Sukbar, KeunSukChina and as tagged

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Touching up make-up backstage

Immediately after getting the award, JKS had to change back-stage and run to get in place for his performance.


JKS & Kurt

Autograph on handkerchief that will be sold for charity

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    • “Two in One” hair style – ha ha ha, very funny but super apt description! How did that hairstyle look so SUAVE and cool when he’s in the tuxs and so ROCK when he’s in the tank top? Keun Suk has the amazing ability to “own” any look and make them work like no one else can.

  1. like we said it before and always, that JKS is always look good in any hair style … love the 7th picture. he looks adorably sexy under the pouring rain 😀


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