[News] Beautiful Man (Bel Ami) summer festival DVD will be released in Japan

Original source: Koari.net

The special DVD of Beautiful Man (Bel Ami) summer festival held on July 19th and 20th at Makihari Messe will be released on December 5th. It includes DVD 2 discs (about 120 minutes each) and making DVD (about 60 minutes). The price is 9,180 yen (including tax).

Original source: Koari.net
By the way, the photo book was already released on September 26th. A4 size, 28 pages. The price is 2,160 yen (including tax).

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  1. oh god i’m so dying to see this !! why why why oh why does it have to be DVD !!1 i dont have the money 🙁 🙁 🙁 btw sukkie was sooooo hansome and hot in that black shirt and pants ! and the expression on IU face when sukkie was trying to kiss her so funny !! omo lucky IU >_< ! i'm sure he smells so nice !

    • Hi zoe he was indeed kissing IU cuz that is part of the night stage . They must recreate scenes from the drama live in front of the fans . So they recreated the kissing scene from drama as well as so many scenes live including the sence when mate tells botong l like and i love you on the couch . So the fans went crazy for that and this kissing scene which made iu so shy !! And plz if you did buy the dvd i’m desperately waiting for your fan account 😉

      • Well .. yes but i think it was more like cheek kiss not on the lips as we can see ..but still his lips was on her cheek for quite some time cuz they stayed in that position untill the curtains are down ;p and IU is so lucky here . Cuz he was hot and i’m sure he smells so nice as well XDXD ;p

      • Thank you, Randa!! 🙂 How do you know all that? Were you there?

        I want to buy the dvd, but I must wait until some other online shops start selling it. Koari doesn´t ship outside Japan. Anyway, there are no english subs, so I don´t think my FA would be very good. Life would be so much easier if all Sukkies DVDs had english subs. 😉 😀

      • Hi zoe No i was not their but i read alot of japanese fan account from different ppl who was their . And i was so happy cuz their was a massive amonut of fan accounts on the japaneses sites and they spoke about every thing in detail . So i know exactly what happend in all of the four stage of the 2 days 🙂 luckly i understand japanese so i was able to enjoy every word they wrote and if you what i can tell you exactly what happened in day 2 or 1 in details if you want . Cuz their were some priceless sukkie IU moments their 🙂 but i asked you cuz i wated and english account lol

      • It would be nice if you could share some details about Summer festival with us, Randa. It´s so quiet now, there are no news about Sukkie. We miss him. Make us happy. 😉

    • well yeah for sure since so many ppl are asking me so i will talk aobut day 2 since day 1 has been on nico nico so let start lol
      day 2 mission was the same on day 1 but with some changes !
      first they must build a coin tower made of things as we can see in the teaser! but both towers for sukkie and jang woo went down but sukkie wins cuz IU helped him and he had 3 standing coins lol ,.. so he ate some sort grilled eel or something , and again he started flirting with IU again just like day 1 by eating after IU from where she eat ! such a tease lol.
      mission 2 : was the same movie guess game ! all of them had trouble expression esp IU on her turn the board said (pretty man ) and IU without second thought pointed to sukkie ! XDXD and then the board said (beauty and the beast ) and IU kept pointing to her self and lee jang woo lol … sukkie guessed all correct but lee jang woo was dumbfounded that he was the beast lol .. then IU did some sort of dance called a sdako dance or whatever so sukkie and the fans went crazy for it but IU kept laughing 😀
      mission 3 : was the same love confession to IU this time sukkie went first i didn’t really fully understand what he said but here is what i get
      dear IU
      he said IU not botong idk why !! then said ( i saw the glow of you today ! my heart started pounding at the site of your apperance , that sdoko dance was the best i’ve seen in my life , and i came in 3 lines peom for you today ! i : i love you all the time and at last he said u: between i love you IU is better ) which is a sentence that IU said in the last fan meeting with a cute pose he give her the letter fans went crazy of course lol…. then it was lee jang woo turn he sang her song friday for her and even gave her flowers but IU was not so much happy cuz it was her song lyrics and she felt it was not honest so our romantic prince won this mission as well !
      mission 4 was from botong mum about the man who is better and cooking so they both started cutting onion then lee jang woo started crying but sukkie was cutting very smoothly which led fot sukkie winning again 🙂 ! then the loser mush eat that onion but lee jang woo said if he kept eating he could not sing after this so sukkie said i’ll eat with you awwwhhhh our sweet prince ! and of course all of them stated singin live the same songs sukkie also took of his jacked for nature boy again XD and that is what i can get form day 2 noon stage and i will talk about the night stage as well here just give me some time and keep looking for here ,, hope that will make you a bit happy zoe and all the eels who asked me as well lol..

    • hhahah thank you guys 🙂 and as i said i will be talking about the night stage now , and i will talk about it combined from day 1 and 2 since it was mainly the same 🙂 so lets go …

      the night stage from day 2 started with the scene when mate first met botong on the bus on a large screen , then sukkie showed up in black shirt and pants so sexy like we so him on the teaser , it was like a combination of both mate and taekyun form you’r beautiful lol …screems went from all the venue which was so large to contain 7.000 fans each stage . so sukkie without introduction started singing lovely girl and then IU appeared and sang beautiful dancer then lee jang woo all after another with the clips of the drama behined them on the screen , then they started acting the scenes of the drama live SUKKIE and IU standing togther the did the scene which mate tells botong to work for him and he will let her see his face lol and the scene when he lets her take 10 pictures of him , and the scene when she was at daived house , and lee jang woo could not stop laughing which made all of them laugh as well , they did laugh alot during the acting but day 2 acting was better cuz their was no script in hand like day one and it seems more serious and fun , and sukkie looked like her was mate really !! and the scene where IU and lee jang woo did the socks dance and lee jang woo fell dramaticlly at this ..
      so then sukkie sang his song stay form just crazy album and jang woo fever after the scene where IU leaves him , and the most fun part is where they did they scene of drunk mate tells botong (i like you , NO I love you on the couch ) so sukkie approached IU slowly and said that but IU felt so shy and smiled shyly which made sukkie smile back ,,,so cute omg XDXD i cant blame her really if i were her and he was this hamsome next to me omo i would die lol .XDXDXD
      then lastly sukkie sing beautiful day at the scene of mate waking up at botong love at the skating rank , and then IU appeared at last of his song of the top of the screen where sukkie head their to kiss her . and the venue and the fans went wild here while the screen when slowly covering them ,,, that ends the first part then the MC appeared and asked them so question about the drama and the first impression of each other sukkie said he always wanted IU singed CD ever since her met her but he didn’t get it lol IU laughed and said ( i’m free tonight ) lol .. and sukkie finally said he was so happy to be able to drink and eat and see the expo him self like every one ,, and lastly they begun singing the rest of their songs live , with the rest of the bands and guests and sukkie unbutton his shirt and shake his hip for his last songs while fan girls almost passed out LOl XXDXDXDX and that is it !! the end of a great 4 preformances i hope you enjoyed reading this as much as i did , if you have a question plz ask me and keep loving our prince 🙂 😀

      • arigatou gozaimasu randa chan.idk why I cant reply below ur comment..kkk…frm the fa u translated..I noticed there is one scene I’ve heard but missing here. is there any fa about the one he also wore black which he applied lipgloss or something like that? I also like his style there..I thougt its also the night event..or am I wrong.

      • Thank you so much, Randa!! 🙂 I so want to have this DVD. I don´t mind about english subs. Just want to see that. 😉

        Sukkasukie, I think I know which scene you mean. It´s from Beutiful Man FM in June, it´s not from Summer festival. I remember seeing fan cam -video with that scene on you tube.

        You mean this, right?:


      • exactly..zoe..thats the one Im talking about.so..the fm and festival are two different occasion.i thought its the same.could u share the link of the fancam? I cant find any video. wish I could have some glimpse of that night to prove his handsomeness.kkk…

      • Yes, it was to different thing, Sukkasukie. I just checked my “likes” on you tube, and I did´t find the fan-cam video I was metioned. Have found some deleted videos, and videos that are made private. Maybe that´s what happend. I´ll post the link for you if I find it.

        It was afternoon stage, I think. But we have seen the whole evening stage here on jks forever. Rememeber this:


        I´ll watch it again today. 😉

      • Sukkasukie yes its different from this festival it was a 2 stage fan meeting held a month b4 this and yes their was alot of fan account about this too . But mainly the same as the night stage . But i have to say sukkie was dangeours at that noon fm esp when the mc asked them which part he men or women do they find sexy and IU said she likes the shape of the collar bone for men and then sukkie immediately showed his collarbone for her and she was so embarrassed and said ( not bad!! ) lol omg ..while sukkie said he find it sexy if the girl is sandwiched between him and the wall !!! Omg sukkie stop it you pervert heheh

      • Hahaha..suk is really dangerous..u mean naughty? I want to hear more about it randa.kkk..never get enough of him.I hope someone could share the link for the afternoon stage.

        Zoe..its ok. I guess not my luck to see it.huhu..enjoy watching!!! I had watched that video countless time too.really love his singing there.

  2. oh!! i so want this..I guess BM summer festival is only 2day but why he has many different outfit? he looks so hot in all black in the first pic..and the hairstyle are perfect. I think he had kill many eels with that look.kkk..

  3. How I wish I could have it… Maybe include it on my wishlist for Christmas! kkkkk ….. 😉 The wink was just so heart-pounding! 😀

  4. randa chan..
    if u have time..could u please translate those fan account..please2..dont need to translate all.just the part u think interesting. thanks.

  5. Randa , thank you so much for your talking about the fan meeting ; I was very excited for know about it , you made me very happy , god bless you


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