[ENG-SUB] Jang Keun Suk Sina Interview As Korean Film Exhibition Ambassador_20140827

Original Source: 新浪娱乐
Text Part I
Text Part II
Text Part III

English Translation: Hazy Lee from ECI
Timing: Pei Pei from ECI

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11 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] Jang Keun Suk Sina Interview As Korean Film Exhibition Ambassador_20140827”

  1. our dear sukkie has more and more interest in the Chinese Movies.

    I would like that this year Sukkie surprise us with his new project choosing a CHINESE MOVIE. that would be GREAT!. I love all his job (actor + idol = Artist), but i will Like really to see him in a Chinese Movie, 😉 now 2014.

    Thank you so much.

  2. he likes the hot movies as “Unfaithful”, “Lust, Caution”, …. or the movies with black humor as “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. 😀

  3. My PrinceJKS you soon will become the most Korean actor famous in China,your talented and your charm they will falling on love with you

  4. 2 thumbs up, Sukkie! Great job! I wish too that you would act in an Ang Lee’s movie, but not the Brokeback Mountain kind, ok 🙂 and some scenes in Lust, Caution were too much for me 🙂 I did not finish the movie, sorry 🙂 and you watched it 6 times!!!!!! And of course, you were only studying the male lead character 🙂

    • No, something like Brokeback Mountain, please. I have watched Chungking Express because of Sukkie. It´s a very good movie, and I like it. And now I have to watch Lust Caution. I hope it´s watchable. I will just try to study the male lead like Sukkie did. Maybe you should try to do that too Amyli. LOL 😉

      • Zoe,

        Most of Ang Lee’s movies are great & worth watching. Lust Caution is no different. Tony Leung of course is incredible in this movie as usual. I like Wang Leehom too…handsome guy 🙂 it’s the scenes with the girl Tang Wei that I did not like, but of course it’s art 🙂 Enjoy studying the male lead 🙂

      • I have googled the movie, and I think I understand now what are you mean, Amyli. 🙂

        I don´t understand why the reporter is saying that actress Tang Wei looks like Sukkie. It´s just not true.

  5. Thank you so much!!! :)I hoped that you would translate this interview. Sukkie is so charismatic. I forget everything else when he starts to talk. 😉

    He says he will go on a blind date with a chinese actress if the number of his Weibo followers exceeds 18 million. He has got over 40000 new followers since last Wednesday. And now he needs only about 58000 followers to reach 18 mil. I guess we will see Sukkie on a blind date next time he is in China. LOL 😉

    • he might probably date in a movie i guess.did he already accept a movie? a chinese movie? suk is such a smart guy. if he go for blind date for real..he wont announce that in public.kkk..

      • He said that about blind date with chinese actress on this video at 5:23. He was probably just joking, although he didn´t laugh when he said it. 😉

        I would be nice if they could make chinese verson of Agent JKS. I love that show. Too bad they didn´t make more episodes.

      • yeah, I think like you, he might probably talk about blind date inside a movie like a character not in real life

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