[2014-09-03] Shanghai TV Interact Community Weibo

Credit: Shanghai TV Interact Community Weibo

This weibo tells a bit BTS of JKS recording TV program ‘Muse Dress’

【9A-@张根硕 】@女神的新衣 The program was supposed to record Jang Keun Suk’s part after midnight, but he came to the site early as 10pm. He waited patiently. When the recording was finished it was almost 3am. He left by car and arrived in his hotel, so it was about 4am that he went to bed if you counted time. But next day, he surprisingly appeared on the Great Wall which is 60km away from his hotel. (the Magazine will be published tomorrow)

【9A-@张根硕 】@女神的新衣 节目关于他的部分录制时间在午夜12点以后,但张根硕从晚上10点就提前到了,耐心等候,节目全部完成已经快3点了,再驱车离开回酒店休息,满打满算睡下也要凌晨4点了,可天亮之后,他竟然又出现在60公里开外的长城上。(文/@吴翔-聚丰园路 )新刊明天发行

15 thoughts on “[2014-09-03] Shanghai TV Interact Community Weibo”

    • Her dazzling appearance these days is like no other!
      Looks like the brightness and brilliance which lights up his face emerges from the depths of him!
      Is it symptoms of love ???
      Our naughty boy comes to Growing up 😉

  1. I’m practically speechless with all Sukkie’s images these days & that photo above I don’t know what to say anymore. Shall I say more please or enough??? Now I’m sure, love him more in short hairstyle! And he looks healthy these days not too thin. Oh thank you Jang Keun Suk. Please do take care of yourself always. Thanks to Tenshi & Spring Suk for always updating us about our very own Adonis 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Sukkie is a hardworking man. It´s not the first time he worked until late at night, slept a little bit, and kept working next day. I hope he is taking time to just relax now. He was on a tight schedule in China. Hope everything goes well with him.


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