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Original source: http://collectedezikzin.com/event/

As previously announced, Collecte de Zikzin has planned JKS Birthday Special Figure Contest. The applicants have to use JKS original figure doll worn their hand-made clothes. Now it’s the final round and the finalist dolls have been sent to Korea and Jang Keun Suk is going to decide the winner 🙂

Finally all JKS figure dolls sent to Korea have arrived in his hand! To tell the truth, we secretly made a booklet that includes photos of all the applicants’ dolls and sent it, too. Then, which doll will be selected by JKS!? We’ll announce the result on his birthday, August 4th, so please wait for a while.

tenshi_akuma’s note: There was several rounds to be selected as one of the finalists. The finalists are 8 dolls, but before that the candidates for the finalists were displayed at their shop and visitors could vote. There were more applicants dolls. You can glimpse this event on their special website. The hand-made clothes are really nice! What creative eels!

P.S. This Ameblo introduced some of candidates dolls 😉

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  1. Thanks Tenshi for the translation. The staff of Collecte de Zikzin is so sweet to prepare a booklet including photos from all applicants and sent it to Sukkie ^_^

    • I’m happy to know that they secretly made and sent it to him, too! I’m not sure they planned so beforehand, but eels’ power must have made them decide so! I’m excited he’ll surely see your work, too 🙂

  2. I love that you are so systematic, Tenshi, you always give us explanations and links so that we can get the full picture. We are so lucky to have you as a guide in the Sukkies world. 🙂

    There’re so many creative eels! It will not be easy for Sukkie to pick the winner. The doll with a birthday cake is a strong candidate, because it’s a birthday contest. What is the prize BTW?

    • And did you see the arms, ladies/girls? No Rambosuk, just a slim adorable Sukkie as always. Didn’t I say so? Hehe 😀

  3. oh this boy is killing me with that pout! he is the best looking doll among those dolls! so happy for the eels who participated and for the lucky finalists. i am sure all their efforts made our prince happy!
    thank you for sharing! ^^

  4. Thanks a lot Ms Tenshi to let me in to his world,I”m appreciate any news about him each day I will spare my time to look for his daily activity,all news about him is make my happy day thanks again


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