17 thoughts on “[Pics] Jang Keun Suk with IU and Lee Jang Woo”

  1. Watch the curve line of the head of IU, it is tilted towards the direction of JKS in all the photos kkkkkkkk . Apparently he makes her feel safety and secure 😉

    • Heheh no i dont think so . She is actually more close to lee jang woo i heard and she only tilted towards sukkie because he is her leading man and she was trying to make a nice pose for the picture

  2. Lee jang woo looks so awkward in all the pictures doesn t know how to smile and the last pic omg he looks so funny hehe

  3. JKS when I see you, this song comes to my mind:

    Debe ser el perfume que usas
    O el agua con la que te bañas
    Pero cada cosita que haces
    A mí me parece una HAZAÑA

    I’m addicted to you
    Porque es un vicio tu piel
    Baby I’m addicted to you
    Quiero que te dejes querer

    Lol Thanks You dear Thensi for sharing so beautiful pics. He is the best Lol.

  4. Thanks for all this pics, I agree with all comments camera love Mr JKS and he were born natural model all his pose is perfect that make all eels fall in love with him

  5. Our world prince is sooooo attractive and manly in all the pictures. It will be nice if we understand what the article writing about……..can we Tenshi??……plssss…..as I love his interview.

  6. Thinking or smiling, he still looks great! I particularly like the first and the last picture and on the third picture (enlarged fragment of the second picture) he has a smile for which I do not find the right word to characterize but I can say that my heart is dizzy … 🙂

  7. Lol yeah LJW looks awkward in these picture same for IU. JKS looks really natural. He just knows how to pose for the camera. He’s so good at what he does. He is such a professional and loves what he does. That’s why we all love him!!!!


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