3 thoughts on “[MV] Compare two version of “Raining on the Dance Floor” by Team H”

  1. There is actually a few tiny differences between the MVs. It was a fun trying to find them. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    Sukkie is super handsome when he dances soaking wet. ♥ I´m glad that BB came up with lyrics “raining on the dance floor”, and they could make this MV. 😀

  2. Amazing! Thank you for putting the 2 mvs next to each, Springsuk! As Zoe said, there is just a tiny difference between the two & it was fun watching them. You would think that the one on the right is the Japanese version since it shows Sukkie alone in one scene & a better close of him in another 🙂

    Zoe, hope you had a great vacation & glad you are back! Happy Sukkie Summer!

    • Thank you Amyli. I´m glad I´m back. Being away from internet is not good for my Sukkie addiction. LOL 😀 Happy Sukkie Summer to you too! 🙂


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