[ENG-SUB] Press Conference of JKS be on “I Love Lyrics” Program in China_20110711

Credit: Video Uploader
English Translation: Hazy Lee
Timing: Saab Al-otabi

UPDATE: added one related video.

A few times JKS has ever appeared on Chinese variety show, but every time he gave a good memory and deep impression to the audiences. Here, even it was 3 years ago, but his sincere and witty answers to the media proved that he is a man with a good clear heart. Enjoy!

This is the song “With You” which Chinese eels made for Suk which he mentioned in the interview.

7 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] Press Conference of JKS be on “I Love Lyrics” Program in China_20110711”

  1. Yes, he IS very witty and clever. I especially like his answers to the questions about Korean entertainment. I mean, I like how he is avoiding to answer straight farward in order not to criticize and then changing the subject. I realy love this guy.
    Thanks Tenshi and Saab for making it possible for me (and us all over the world) to watch and understand.

  2. And the song is acually very nice. Would that be possible for you to translate the lyrics, please? I don’t mean to sub the video, just the text 🙂

  3. Thank you, Springsuk! 2011…. Sukkie matured so fast in 3 yrs , frm 2008 to 2011, both physically & in his thinking. He was very smart & diplomatic in his answers, & fun at the same time. And he is such a good son of Korea. He never fails to promote Korea & it’s culture.

    Zikzin, Sukkie!

  4. Ooh, the video from chinese eels was so sweet. So much love for Sukkie! 🙂 I wonder what happened with the girls who made the video, if they still are active eels.

    Thank you Hazy Lee, Springsuk and Saad! 🙂 I always love watching his interviews. Some of the questions was really tough, but Sukkie answered wisely.

    I didn´t know anything about “I love lyrics”, googled it, and found the whole episode with JKS on you tube. Here is the link if someone wants to watch it (no english subs):


    • Thanks for the link, Zoe!

      Sukkie’s sang Winter Sonata… My very first K drama!!! I’m so very happy! Love you, Sukkie! Zikzin!

      • My pleasure, Amyli. 🙂 Too bad there´s no english subs. I like the part when Sukkie suddenly starts to dance to Toxic with two funny guys, and when he dances at about 50:30. I love when he is playful like that. 🙂

        Have a nice Sukkie Sunday! Tomorrow is a big day. Can´t wait to hear new Team H songs. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. JKS is just so amazing! I love watching him on interviews he just knows what to say to every question! Thank you for the English subtitles! And his translator also did a great job!


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