[Flash News] “Unstoppable” JKS 2014 Zikzin Man Show in Beijing China July 05 2014

Credit: Jang Keun Suk China OFC Weibo
English Translation: Springsuk_USA

Hello Everyone, here is Jang Keun Suk Grand China OFC Site.
The long wished show by eels “Jang Keun Suk 2014 Zikzin Man” will be soon take off.
Beijing will be the first stop for grand China region, the show will be held at Master Card Center in Beijing on July 05 2014.
This will be a new designed show on visual and audio, eels let’s have a summer festival!

* Show time: 19:30, July 05 2014
* Venue: Beijing Master Card Center (originally Wu Ke Song Stadium)
* Eligible ticket buyers: Annual Member of Jang Keun Suk Grand China OFC
* Ticket price (in RMB): 1680 VIP, 1080, 880, 580, 380

1. Ticket amount:
RMB 1680 VIP, 300 tickets
RMB 1080, 300 tickets
RMB 880, 580 No limit
2. 1690, 1080 only have 300 tickets each, these tickets are registered tickets, you have register first through email and then buy the tickets, detail as follows:
1) Register time:
RMB 1680, 17:00, June 13
RMB 1080, 19:00, June 13
*Note: If your email arrives before the starting time will not be valid.
2) Email addressing as follow:
For 1680 tickets zikzin1680@sina.com
For 1080 tickets zikzin1080@sina.com
3) Subject of your email: Jang Keun Suk Show, Beijing, RMB **** Your OFC ID
4) Email content: OFC ID
Real name
Contact #
Paypal address
5) After Staff received your email, the name list of the people who registered will be published on OFC weibo and OFC site, please pay attention.
6) You can use email address which is not the one you registered on OFC site
7) If you send the email before the above mentioned the time, your registration will not be valid
8) You have to pay the ticket within 72 hours after publishing the name list, pass the deadline will be lost registration and the spot will be released to others on the latter.
9) Payment method please refer to “Ticket Purchasing Process”
10) Paypal users: USD 285 VIP, USD 185, USD 150, USD 100
Please be aware you have to bear the paypal fee

3. RMB 880, 580 tickets, please refer to “Payment Process”, it starts sale from now on till 18:00 June 17
4. RMB 380 tickets will be not be sold from OFC, please go to ticket booths to buy.

Ticket Purchasing Process:
1. One ID of annual member only can buy 1 ticket, if you buy multiple tickets, the money will be returned to your account but you will need to pay fees
2. After you bought ticket, send your order form to jkszikzin3366@126.com
Subject of your email: Jang Keun Suk Show, Beijing, RMB ****/China OFC ID ****
3 Order form: OFC ID
Real Name
Citizenship #/Passport #
Price of the ticket
Mailing address and contact #
Paypal ID
4 Paypal to 148131070@qq.com (ID: 周鑫新)

Fans Support:
1. This time in Beijing show, fans from OFC who sit just in front of the stage will join “heart” spell support, the area will be tickets RMB 880, total has 430 seats
2. If you pre ordered RMB 880 tickets, you will be automatically put in support group, the seats after 430 seats don’t join the spelling support. Please pay attention the notice from OFC

1. Order tickets from OFC only for annual members, if you are not annual member, please go to ticket booth to buy.
2. After purchase, if you can’t make it because of some reason, no exhange, no return, no reserved seat
3. You can’t transfer your ticket to others, if we find out you transfer tickets, you will lost your qualification in the future for buying tickets from OFC
4. Please complete your personal info, confirm your name, cell phone number, and passport # etc..
5. Please keep attention to OFC website and weibo for getting correct information.
6. For picking up tickets, please pay attention to the notice from OFC, if you miss ticket because of your personal reason, you will be responsible for the result.

2 thoughts on “[Flash News] “Unstoppable” JKS 2014 Zikzin Man Show in Beijing China July 05 2014”

  1. Oh so only official Chinese members can pre-order the tickets…. well since it’s too soon i can’t make it 🙁
    Just a small Q.. tenshi in rule number 3… in the last paragraph… is it.. you can transfer your ticket…or you can’t transfer your ticket???
    Thanks a lot for the update :*


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