[2014-06-18] Team H/ JKS Ameblo

2014-06-18 15:11:40
‘WHAT’S IN’ behind the scene photos

Did you read ‘WHAT’S IN’ magazine released on June 13th?

TEAM H is going to release their single and album.
In addition, their arena tour is confirmed now.

Please look forward to their new step and their ZIKZIN style.

So, we’re going to show you a bit of TEAM H behind the scene photos of the shooting ‘WHAT’S IN’ here!


‘WHAT’S IN’ is full of the behind stories of making their album shared by Beautiful Man and Muscular Man.
If you haven’t checked it yet, grab it soon!

And also please look forward to the detail announcement of their tour schedules.

See ya!

5 thoughts on “[2014-06-18] Team H/ JKS Ameblo”

  1. Love the titles…Beautiful Man and Muscular Man… Sukkie and BB LOL
    Love the pictures.. In the pictures we don’t see the make-up to much.. not that I mind.. I love them with or without..

    • Me too. I hope you don´t mind, Rossie. LOL 😀 I bet we are not the only ones who choose the beautiful one. 😉

      IU said on Bel AMI FM in Tokyo that JKS had a good collarbone, and Sukkie joked that he was confident with his collarbone. And now internet is full of pictures of Sukkies collarbone. Isn´t that sweet and funny? I just love the passion of the eels.

      • You picked my curiosity, Zoe. Now I have to go looking for his collarbone pictures 🙂 Sukkie sure keeps us busy 🙂

      • Hi Amyli! Gå on loving JKS FB page. 🙂 This is really getting worse. I am at work now, and writing a comment. LOL : )

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