3 thoughts on “iPhone app update from JKS”

  1. … any news/pics/videos from Korean website is forbidden to be-reposted elsewhere …. since the iPhone application is only accessible to Korean official website members, it is then in fact an extension of the Korean website and therefore it applies that any news from the application cannot be re-posted elsewhere too?

    … oh well, this pic has been circulated all over the internet, so i guess being here doesn’t make a difference, although we may not be “allowed” to re-post in future ….

  2. Wow I just realized korea is strict ……
    But its totally fine with me…I totally understand why….
    But what if his oversea fan want some update of him that doesn’t know how to read korean ( ex. Me )…..
    But will you still update us on him.?

    • When the Korean official website disallowed its contents from being re-posted, almost all the eels followed the guideline and nothing was re-posted, including here.
      But in the excitement over the new iPhone app, i think Tree-J and eels may have let this slip their mind ….that’s why all the fans are circulating this pic.

      If pics from the app continue to be in circulation, i’ll still post here, until Tree-J tells fans not to.

      There’s quite a lot of public news about JKS, so I guess missing a bit of “private” news is not a lot …


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