Twitter updates 1 & 2 from JKS’ friend, rok_Kim

Credits:KeunSukChina 挚爱小帅-张根硕全球中文网
Chinese translation: Huahua 花花
English translation: Aphrael77

Twitter update 1 from JKS’ friend, rok_Kim:

下班后,拜访big brother sound,观看kurt和张酒疯录音! galagecha~shake it shake it everybody~哈哈 chozer!

After work, we visited big brother sound, seeing kurt and JKS drinking and being crazy while recording music!
galagecha~shake it shake it everybody~Haha chozer!

One more pic,

Chinese translation: Suk Baidu Bar

Twitter Update 2 from rok_Kim:

난 언제까지 특파원임? 하하하 마지막 한장 더! 앨범 대박을 기원하며
我做特派员到什么时候啊?哈哈哈 最后再来一张!希望专辑大卖
When can I stop being a special correspondent? Hahaha! Last pic! Hope the album sells well

6 thoughts on “Twitter updates 1 & 2 from JKS’ friend, rok_Kim”

    • Yes, he is super Beautiful !! I like his shorter hair, very shiny and smooth looking. And… does he have another album? I want to order that one too. Please let me know if this is so, my friend…

  1. Keun Suk has changed his hair style! It’s now straight instead of wavy – that’s interesting. Anyway, whatever look he adopts it tends to grow on you. After a while you will feel that he looks fantastic in it no matter how “unusual” you may find it on first impression. That is the magical power that Keun Suk has – charming.

  2. Nice hair Suk… He is right when he said that most of his female partner’s having second thought to be paired with him because he looks more beautiful than them… well, he’s absolutely right. with that hair, he is really beautiful… i envy his hair.. hehehe


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