[Pics] Jang Keun Suk in Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)

UPDATE: added more photos

Original source: http://korepo.com/archives/33345


Original source: http://www.wowkorea.jp/section/photospecial/all/2854/


tenshi_akuma’s note: Our sharp-eyed male eel, Saad noticed that Bo Tong was looking at her oppa (Ma Te) pics in BM episode. The image below was from the scene where her phone dropped under her bed, episode 3.

25 thoughts on “[Pics] Jang Keun Suk in Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)”

  1. SOOOOO stylish…I love how his face is always so open; beautiful forehead… and his eyes so direct yet soulfull..

    • Yes Mamacri . totally agreed 🙂 Gorgeous, classy, stylish! He is the 1st man (the only man!) with a wide forehead that I find attractive & incredibly handsome ! I’m still amazed 🙂

  2. its not just saad..i had noticed that pic too.kkk..aren’t u eels? keun suk ah..with this pics..i really want u to take vampire role next.please..mr.producer make a great script for him..

    • vampire role??? that will suit him, pretty sure. 🙂

      Hmmmm..how about the anime/manga, vampire knights???

      Kaname-sama’s character looks great on him..

      just done watching the whole episode last night.. and all through out the show, i imagined him as Kaname-sama..
      Try it..

  3. A wonderful man, stylish and mysterious! Looking at the pictures from top to bottom, his eyes becomes more piercing and …. I think I’m going to sleep … too much for my age 🙂
    Thanks dear Tenshi for this gift !

  4. Hi,
    Not sure if anybody watched the drama by his good friend Hong Ki ,the bride of the century.
    I am sure JKS will watch it because his good friend is the lead and he always respect JKS as a role model
    I just imagine JKS is the lead! It definitely suit him very well. JKS personality, his dressing style as a CEO and his expression
    feelings will made this a perfect show.
    I hope he will choose this kind of drama

    • He smells like vanilla. 🙂

      I have read several times that his favorite is vanilla parfume. But I haven´t met him yet, so I don´t really know. Perhaps eels who have met him can si if that is true. 🙂

      • Zoe thank you, yes I read that too once, but I mean his own scent. Everyone smells like something specifically, I wonder how he smells like hahahaha. i hope not like teen spirit hahaha

      • LOL, I know what you mean, Rossie. I was just trying to be funny. 🙂

        I hope that you will get the chance to smell him. I´ll let you know if I ever get the chance to check that. 😀

    • I’m sure sukkie smells really nice by nature…think one of the few lucky ones who has no “human” smell…otherwise you can’t use soft parfumes like vanilla..
      It’s true he said sometimes don’t take showers for 3 days…I think seldom the case…for he is almost never at home for 3 days in a row..LOL.. beside Sukkie is a very clean and neat person..nowadays with all the luxeries of bidets etc and he loves to swim……
      It reminds me of YAB … Go mi nam…Hwang Tae Kyung..bidet LOLLLL

  5. handsome! oaaa : o actually i miss his long hair 🙂 hiks..
    if vampire knights anime trnsform to movie or drama, jks should play as zero plis:-)
    coz i hate kaname characters, i love zero haha 🙂 if u love VK, try diabolik lovers too, the anime almost similar. just info 🙂

  6. ha ha…nice comment, jojo..he really is breathtakingly handsome…it would be enough to just be near him and look at him..ha ha…you can’t do that if you pass out…lol

  7. Ha ha i was just watching the bidet scene right now by the way am a fan from Zimbabwe and i want to say i superlove this blog and would love to become part of this family so hello everyone…and prince luks supercool!:*:*:*


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