[article] JKS will go to Beijing to do his web radio show, fans are invited to join

Original source: 新浪娱乐 Sina Entertainment Report
April 26, JKS will record his Zikzin Radio show in Beijing with his Chinese fans, it will be the first time overseas recording.

Zikzin Radio is an web radio show created by Jang Keun Suk and produced by himself. Is a radio show that JKS and his audiences directly communicate program. The show is also the first form by a Korean artist. The audiences can listen through APP also can view the recording video on JKS Chinese OFC Website.

JKS started his radio DJ debut in 2004 through “JKS Young Street”, the topics of Zikzin Radio are closed to daily life, the fans can shares their experiences to JKS through his official fan website.

Recently, JKS recorded his Zikzin Radio at Jeju Island, he soon said: I want to do radio show since long time ago, I want to use the most natural way to get close to my fans, I want fans to see a different me. Recording studio is nice, but I want to go to more other places, use more special way to talk to people. That’s why I decided this public release. This time in Beijing recording, I will share more interesting and real stories with fans, let them to see a new face of me which is totally different from on stage.

April 26, HS Media and Red Card Products (I don’t know real English name for this company) will together sponsor “JKS Zikzin Radio in Beijing” event. Fans can register through JKS Chinese OFC Website to get tickets.

8 thoughts on “[article] JKS will go to Beijing to do his web radio show, fans are invited to join”

  1. wao! He is the first in many things even for me, he is the first artist i have followed in my life. I never imagined that I could do something like that at my age. That’s the power of the Asia Prince. That´s beyond my control. Chinese eels, you must be mega happy and proud but please take care of our young Boss.

  2. Zikzin Radio is a project of soul for our Keun Suk. Therefore he wants to share it with those closest to his soul.
    He turns radio broadcasts into some real meetings between friends.
    I listened all the episodes and each one left me a deep impression.
    Like a true magician, he managed to bring me close to him and helped me know him better.
    In front of the microphone and broadcasting equipment he becomes the best friend of mine that gives me useful tips and that opens the soul with love.
    Good job dear Prince! I hope will I hear the episode 100 and more than …….
    You’re the best and I’m proud of you!

  3. And he said he would dance on the Great Wall of China this time. He keeps his promises, this is something that the Chinese fan are waiting for.
    So he can speak Japanese, English and Chinese Wah!!!! Well done


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