[Pics] Jang Geun Suk’s Fanclub “Cri J” Special Gifts to Kim Jaejoong’s Fans

Do you remember this year’s April Fool’s day event by CRI-J? If not, please check [2014-04-01] CRI-J staff twitter. This year CRI-J (Jang Keun Suk fan cafe) became a one-day CRI-JJ (Kim Jaejoong fan cafe)! Kim Jaejoong’s real fan cafe accepted this idea willingly. We oversea eels were happy to see these exchanges and hoped we’ll have a special bond like our bosses.

To our surprise, this event wasn’t over on April Fool’s day only. According to JYJ3.NET, CRI-J gave a lucky gift taken on Feb 8th JKS’ Seoul FM where Kim Jaejoong appeared a special guest to JJ’s fans. How awesome and unique! Like our boss, there must be no other fan club like CRI-J in the world! We’re proud of you. Thank you cri~!

Original source: JYJ3.NET


19 thoughts on “[Pics] Jang Geun Suk’s Fanclub “Cri J” Special Gifts to Kim Jaejoong’s Fans”

  1. Korean eels… Zikzin!!! You’re really wonderful like master eel and I’m so glad to meet some of you at the recent Seoul FM in Feb this year… really proud of being eels too ^_^

  2. Personally, this doesnt sit well with me. Will his fans do the same for Suk? I am a Jks fan and not other stars. I have an undevided loyalty. I will not go to great lengths of promoting other celebrities in the name of jks because i know that fans of other celebrities will not do the same for Suk.
    Thats me and my personal choice.m

    • I agree with you, Alice. They only ment well, I am sure, but JJ-fans don´t do anything for Sukkie. The joke on the Aprils Foll´s day was a little bitt cute, becouse it was aimed to JKS. But it´s not funny to continue this. JJ has his own fans. Let´s support our precious Keun Suk shi!!! ♥

    • Alice, I also don’t understand such overjoy. I don’t follow JJ and many eels also for sure. So we cherish the friendship of Sukkie and JJ but our love cannot be transferred to other person.

    • Why bother to think about what JJ’s fan will do for our Sukkie? Yes, they might not be doing things to promote our Sukkie. Do that affect Suk as a whole? I don’t think so. And I don’t think they do yhis to expect anything in return from JJ’s fan. Furthermore, I believe Cri-J definitely seek Suk approval to do this. If Suk agree & happy with it, why we wouldn’t be happy with it? Suk-JJ are good friends. They remain by each other’s side through all this years, a little treat like this to suprise lucky JJ’s fan is not over the top at all. Besides promoting good ties, it makes JJ fans knows about Suk too. Good start to attact them to Suk too. Am I being all to positive? Hahaa can’t help it because I just love what my fellow Cri-J do…

      • just what i had in mind too Meldinaz…Cri J is only greatful for JJ’s loyal friendship towards our boy and after all isn’t it better to give than to receive? i believe they’re not expecting anything from JJ’s fans by doing that,their appreciation is more than enough!Cri J represents eels all over the world and i salute them for what they did 🙂

    • I don’t think this sweet gesture of Cri-J has anything to do with their ‘divided’ loyalty to our Suk. Rather I see it as a sort of respect from Cri-J to JJ’s fanclub’s friendly permission to use their name/ identity as an April’s Fool Joke for Suk. I see this as a great, mature fan culture. I didn’t see any harsh comments yet from JJ’s fans about the joke and some of them found that it was a cute thing to do. Eels are unique and so friendly, that is why I feel so proud to be a part of this family. Jang Keun Suk is a very friendly and loyal person when it comes to friendships. He often treats his friends and gives sweet gestures… that’s why eels also act the same way towards his friends’ fans. As an eel who has been looking only at him, I see no harm in this, really 🙂

    • Alice,

      I understand your feeling. I love JKS with unwavering heart, too. I have the feeling of insecurity and jealousy sometimes…..not because I am immature person, but because I am just human. Therefore, I wish some people, non-eels, would show some respects to JKS and his eels, too. Not particularly about this event or giving GIFTs in return. I’m talking in the general way of things, about other fans of other STARs’s feelings or opinions about JKS are not so good much in general. Honestly, I don’t understand what is about JKS that some people would LOVE him to death, and some people would hate him to their bones. Seriously, I am soo craved for and feeling so happy that whenever I read nice comments from other stars’ fans about JKS…..because these comments are so few and far in between.

      Our JKS knows so many Artistes in K-shwbiz becoz he used to be DJ when he was young, but yet he has so few of those STARs to be called as his friends. So by nature, I am glad seeing JKS mingle and interact with other STAR……I wish for more. I believe having good friends in ShowBiz is a win-win situation for JKS, because he needs moral support and backing up sometimes from other stars, not always from his eels..!!!

      As for CRI-J action, I also understand why CRI-J are doing this for JJ’s fans. I am proud of their actions. I always believe giving GIFTs to someone with genuine heart is a GREAT ACT; therefore, I don’t expect gifts in return. I am proud that EELs are leading by creating many great examples of how FAN-Culture should be…respect other stars and their fans. I have suffered so many fans-war while being JKS’ fan so I wish there is no fans-war in this world. Yeahhh…I know my wish is unrealistic, but I wish to wish it any way…..loll

  3. I have always been proud to be an eel.
    And now I have even more reason to be!


    I am sure this gesture has not only made eels proud, but our Master and his good friend as well

    • Sukkie has said what he thougt about that. Didn´t he mention kabayaki? 😀

      It wasn´t meant as criticism. I just don´t like when someone gets so much attention from the eels. I know that korean eels do everything to support Sukkie. Eels are the best fans in the world. 🙂

    • I love your quote!!! ^_^
      There is also Chinese proverb “爱屋及乌“ (meaning when you love someone, you love also the people he/she loves)
      What I see is Cri-J and many eels I see during Seoul FM are really admirable to be open hearted, proud of them ^_^

  4. When I found ours Keun Suk I read about eels.
    First of all I was very impressed about the infinite love they have from their Prince.
    Then I decided that I should become an eel and I’m very proud of that.
    I was content to see how eels write decent reviews, strictly related to their Prince and without negative assessments or inappropriate about other artists.
    I have met at many eels characteristic traits of our prince among which sense of humor and fair play.
    I guess now we talk about. With a sense of humor worthy of their boss, eels made April 1 joke , after which the spirit of fair play worthy of the same boss they made a gift to JJ’s fans.
    I do not think we should judge them too harshly for this and neither to expect the same behavior from JJ’s fans.
    Also, not even is put into question the betrayal of those eels.
    Their joke has met all the conditions of a 1 April joke and should be taken as
    such and with that gift I think they wanted to thank all that have accepted their joke.
    Do not forget that is about a good friend of our Prince.
    There is a saying, friends of my friends are also my friends.
    We can be sure that eels are like their Prince, good people with big heart, open mind and peace-loving.
    Ours Keun Suk is the best and eels are the best fans in the world.


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