[News] Jang Keun Suk Zikzin Open Radio in Beijing on April 26th

English translation: QQeyes007 from ECI
This notice is about Jang Keun Suk Zikzin Open Radio in Beijing on 26th Apr 2014. China official fan club members have the benefits to apply.

Date/Time: 26th Apr 2014 (Sat)
Venue: Beijing
Prerequisite : China official FC members [from Greater China (including HK and Macau) and Taiwan]
Limited to 500 tickets
Application date/Time : from 19:00 on April 17th to 12:00 on April 18th.
Fees/Charges : 350 RMB or 62.7USD via Paypal
Rules :
(1) annual membership members of China OFC only
(2) ID will be checked against OFC info during entry
(3) limited to Greater China/Taiwan eels
(4) must bring personal ID for entry
(5) non-transferable
(6) check the China OFC website for details and update
(7) each applicant must take the responsibility to ensure the info on China OFC site are updated and rectified for verification
(8) Annual China OFC members please check under “商店&Shop — 演出“ webpage on application details and related activities

14 thoughts on “[News] Jang Keun Suk Zikzin Open Radio in Beijing on April 26th”

  1. wow sis QQ great work from you

    venue : Beijing, what would that mean? Is it TBA or something?

    And I’d like to know how many eels registered as COFC members for now?


    • Yes.. I think they have not confirmed the exact place in Beijing. I believe the confirmed venue will be shared on the Chinese OFC site.

      • In Japan, usually the venue keeps secret not to cause troubles. If the venue were open in public, many people would rush there just to glimpse him. So only lucky 500 winners will know the exact venue. The only we can know now is the open recording will be held somewhere in Beijing.

      • I see now, tq sis QQ and tenshi. It is a wise move to keep it that way. It shows the more intimacy that eels can get and a test of their loyalty level to not disclose it 🙂

      • sukasukie, yes dear… Great Wall of China is in the capital of China – Beijing.
        Suk first FM was in Beijing in 2010 and since then, he didn’t have any FM but only Cri-Show/TeamH concerts in Shanghai, Shenzhen… so I guess Beijing eels must be super excited!!!

      • Qq sis..is it possible for him to do radio broadcast there? I wonder if he can do that with eels it will be daebak!

  2. 500 only…
    Guess they are ordered to make it small by the security office from China; otherwise risking a stampede…remember when he had his concert in Beijing…JKS was ordered to leave immediately after the concert.. I don’t remember if he was allowed to have an anchore; he had to run with his stage clothes still on…in the car and left..he was so sorry for the eels because he never leaves his eels that way…
    Let’s wait and see…
    Thanks QQeyes for the translation

    • yes.. MamaCri… I remember Suk’s previous trip to Shanghai in 2012 has caused so much security issues as many fans (I didn’t used eels here because most of the Chinese eels I know will listen to what master eel said and advised.. to observe safety and not to follow him by cars/vans in the dangerous manner).. the Shanghai incident in 2012 should not be repeated as I remember all his staffs, papa & mama Jang all were not able to have a proper dinner after the concert as they were being chased by as many as more than 50 vans on the road… in the end, they have to go back to hotel to have room service… So by limiting 500 tickets to only Chinese OFC eels.. we can ensure only real eels got the chance and no chance for black market tickets.

  3. Wow, chinese eels must be very excited now! And it´s on the same day as Cafebene JKS Fan Meeting in Beijing.I hope that he will post the video on you tube like last time when he made Zikzin Radion on Jeju. It will be interesting to see if he has learned more chinese. I think he is at his best when he talks with eels. I could listen to him talk forever.

    And he said he would dance on the Great Wall of China this time. He always tries to keep his promises.

    Thank you for sharing! It´s touching to see how you guys work togehter to give us more information about JKS.

    • He will probably just record Zikzin Radio in China, and upload it on ituns as usual, Breenda. I am sure that Tree J know how to fix that anyway. 🙂


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