[Video] Announcement from JKS to Chinese eels_20140410

English translation: Kimi Song from ECI
Hello eels, I’m Jang Keun Suk. I haven’t seen you for a very long time, but finally I’m going to China. It seems the first time to visit China in 2014. The place that I’m going to visit is the Great Wall of China, which I mentioned so many times before. I want to see the view of the Great Wall, and dance over there etc. I want to show a different diversity to eels. Please look forward. And one more thing is… We will have the first open ZIKZIN Radio overseas on April 26th. I’ve never done this even with Korean fans. This time I’m going to see Chinese eels only. It’s because CRI-J China officially opened. Jang Keun Suk ZIKZIN Radio, April 26th. Let’s play together, ZIKZIN!

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  1. Great!!! Lucky Chinese Eels!!!
    How I wish, I can go to China to see you dancing on the Great Wall…
    Good luck my Prince. Wish you all the best! Zikzin always!

  2. Great news! Champagne showers, Champagne showers, Pop it in the club, We light it up 80 hour,I said… yes my prince…zikzin to the Great Wall

  3. he walks the talk, definitely.

    I still cant believe the shower of love that Mr.Jang has done to eels so far. Before being regular here in this blog, I read many netizens made comments as such , I paraphrase ” Despite of his being different from other K-actors, he loves his fans so much, full of sincerity to them, and great in fan service”. I was kind of questioning this, then I backlogged many old posts here ( other forum as well), and I concluded that those comments told the truth.
    He’s just one of a kind.. I mean, dont think other artists can surpass him in everything he does for fans.

    Okay off topic, what is the requirement for pop icon to be one in Madame Tussaud? He should be in it one day.

    • rham, agree!!! JKS is many things people claimed him to be, even not the favorable one like arrogant, girly, crazy….etc, but many fans love him becoz he is sincere person.

      Normally in the real world, Fans usually don’t stay with one STAR for long, maybe couple months and one year most…..but most JKS fans are so loyal, staying by his side for so long. I bet some of his Korean eels, who watched his works since he was young, are his fans for 10 years or more by now….that’s longer than most marriages….kkkkk Even me, I’m in my 4th years of being JKS fan. It’s unbelievable becoz I was never a fan of any STARs in my life, even the Hollywood ones. I just watched movies and dramas without particularly liking or favoring any stars in a more special way. Never followed a STAR period….until JKS!!!

      What is it that make JKS fans stay with him for so long? Possible becoz of his works, Fan-service, Personality and many more? Who knows? I just know I love this man. I am trapped being his eel…..loll

      In my general opinions, any STATs can provide good fan-services. But in my biased opinion, JKS’fan-service is GREAT becoz most of the time he did things so naturally and spontaneously; he did not follow the script line by line to interact with his fans or people. JKS is totally a people person!! If you have a chance to attend one of his FAN Meetings you will understand exactly what I mean. If meeting him in person is impossible for you, I recommend that you read all the FM accounts from people who lucky enough to attend his FM or see him in person……then you will see the glimpse of real JKS, the unscripted type.

      I’m not surprise anymore when I read some people wrote “I hate JKS”, “JKS is ugly”, “JKS is crazy”. It seems like people will either hate or love JKS, nothing much in the middle.

      One must be so brave and patient to follow JKS becoz one must withstand negative accusations from haters, suffering pains and heartaches sometimes thru JKS’trial of ups and downs. Pretty much, EEL’s life is like riding a roller-coaster.

      Despite every things happened to JKS in the past and NOW, if I have to choose all over again to be fan of a K-actor, among many good and handsome K-actors I would still 100% choose to be JKS eel. No doubt!! No regret of being his eel…!!!

      • I second that Kailey…
        Yes JKS is fan crazy but he does not bend over or act a certain way just to please his fans..
        He is not prefab..he is not a formula and surely not a wave…he is an real unique artist that likes to follow his gut feelings instead of doing what others prepares for you to do..
        He does what he believes in and if we eels love it he will maybe do more and if we don’t like it he’ll get scolded by us…sometimes he listens and sometimes he doesn’t. .The biggest key factor for being an eel is have faith in him…that he knows best…and in the end things will turn OK…

      • Just my thought kailey..I love suk as an artist because he has everything he want to show us..he has good look..great talent..nice voice.when I like an artist..I see their talent first then their look is just the bonus to be a complete package..to make me so crazy over him is he’s being himself but still look attractive and charming even when with his crazy antics.he’ not perfect..he still has many flaws but his good heart overshadowed everything and make me loves him more.

  4. Wowww!! The much awaited dance on the Great Wall will happen this month!! Chinese eels are very blessed.. I wish he will also visit my country someday! Go Asia Prince!! Keep on Zikzin! ^_^

  5. i’m so excited for Sukkie and Chinese eels! he will finally be able to achieve this! Sukkie is really like no other! Chinese eels please support him all the way and don’t get yourselves hurt as Sukkie will get worried! zikzin!
    thank you for sharing this ^^

  6. Omo….so happy…26/4 finally ……….come come…I can’t hardly wait.
    So many things on the same day..my hubby’s birthday…first Kingsday in my country and JKS finally dancing on the Great Wall of China and…..last but not least…his first oversea’s ZIKZIN Radio podcast and live with eels…WHAHHHHHHHHHHHH
    So envious but at the same time I know the chinese eels are great “sharers” …We hope to see many FA, pictures and video’s

  7. chinese eels so lucky…plsss takecare of sukkie …excited waiting the pic wahhhhh… i like him so much no matter what happen i cant explain why….

  8. Chinese eels are so lucky to have prince JKS this time through his radio show Zikzin. There’s no doubt that this superstar will definitely stay longer in showbiz.Even longer than the rests, because he’s born with so much talent.He can do anything without trying hard. He’s a true gifted artist and a certified multi-media king.I think ” envy ” is the right word for those who bash and hate him.Knowing that there’s someone like JKS born to be almost perfect.Someone who can do so much with amazement . Most young artists imitate him but they can not. Becoz there is only one JKS who can do anything naturally . The longevity of his career in the business is a living proof that people love him despite of. He has his own way to be different and original.Always re-inventing. His unpredictable personality creates thrill and out of this world feel to all his followers. But his heart speaks it all. Showing the real him without being hypocrite. Eels found a treasure for keeps.An inspiring artist that is so beautiful inside and out. JKS you’re one!!! Zikzin!!

  9. Can’t wait to see my Prince dancing on the Great Wall. Just hope he would wear an apricot scarf and gavotting along the Great Wall happily in the beautiful spring blossoms ;))


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