[flash news] Jang Geun Suk Reveals Plans of New Album and Asian Tour

Original Source: soompi.com
Often called the Prince of Asia, actor Jang Geun Suk is busy preparing for a new album and an Asian tour.
A representative of his agency revealed to OBS on March 19, “He is currently in the middle of preparations for an album coming out in the summer and an Asian tour held in eight cities starting from May.”
“The album will be sold in Asia with the exception of Korea,” the source continued to reveal details on the actor’s future promotions.
Jang Geun Suk is known for his sold out shows and fan meetings, and the upcoming Asian tour can already be expected to be a success. In 2011, he made his Japanese debut as a singer with the single “Let Me Cry,” and released his first studio album “Just Crazy” in 2012. Last year, he released his second full-length release “Nature Boy,” which rose to the top of Oricon Daily Chart. The news of a new album must come as a positive surprise to all fans waiting for more music by the multitalented star.
Most recently, the actor appeared on the romantic comedy “Pretty Man.”

22 thoughts on “[flash news] Jang Geun Suk Reveals Plans of New Album and Asian Tour”

  1. Hooray for globalization! Sorry for Asian eels but Keun Suk it’s not only theirs. He’s now of the whole world and we love him.
    I wait patiently but I’m sure, the wait will not be in vain.
    Be strong and with soul in peace my dear.

  2. He has been busy with all his work as a singer, a producer, a model etc. that is why we hardly hear from him. Sugar Sukie, you are so hard working. All the best to whatever you do. I am waiting for your Asian tour schedule. Just simply love and adore him.

  3. Sukkie is really hardworking. Can´t wait to hear new songs, and interviews, watch new videos. I wonder if he will keep his natural look without makeup.


  4. 장근석씨… Please come to the Philippines^^ this may seem like a very distant and unreachable dream but I’ll keep wishing… Please make my wish come true^^
    잘해요 on all your plans this year! You have all out support!! 직진!!^^

  5. Congratulations for Asian fans! That’s good for me too. I´m glad to see him in pictures or to hear about him. I only want him to be happy. All the best for the most beautiful prince. Zikzin!


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