[article] Jang Keun Suk Covers Marie Claire April 2014

Original source: Yahoo Entertainment Singapore

[by Chloe Yun] Prince of Asia Jang Keun Suk appears on the cover of Marie Clare’s April 2014 special edition issue, on newsstands March 20.
From semi-formal to casual, Jang suggested various spring looks for men through the pictorial. He showed off his great sense of fashion as mix-matching various print and floral items, which accentuated his signature boyish charm.
Jang Keun Suk, who has been loved for his outgoing, outspoken personality, told during the interview that he wanted to be “crystal clear”. He said, “I think celebrity can be thought as a certain form of product or brand. Celebrities may look flawless from the outside, but it doesn\’t mean that they are perfect on the inside, too. I want to be like a crystal box so people can see through me. ”
“I want to continue my acting career as long as possible. Acting is what I need to focus on. I can’t be sure that every movie or TV show I choose will be safe and successful. But people say that living flowers with some scratches and thorns are much beautiful than artificial flowers with no scars?”, he continued expressing his passion for acting career.
Meanwhile, more of Jang Keun Suk’s photos and interview can be found from the April issue of Marie Claire. (photo by Marie Claire)

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  1. I couldn’t breathe looking at his new pictures in Marie Claire yesterday and was so excited to see a totally different JKS – fresh, young, handsome and fashionable model!

    After reading the English translation of the interview, I admire and respect him more. Actor Jang, please continue to chase your dream and be the brightest star in the sky!

  2. Thank you so much sis Sarah for sharing a very nice article about JKS. I miss Sukkie so much, so reading short article about him make me feel like I’m hitting a JKS lottery….lol

    When I read his statements, “I want to continue my acting career as long as possible. Acting is what I need to focus on. I can’t be sure that every movie or TV show I choose will be safe and successful. But people say that living flowers with some scratches and thorns are much beautiful than artificial flowers with no scars?”…….my heart almost bursted with joy. I feel so proud as a fan can be, knowing that my STAR is sooo smart and has so much deepth in his mind than just a handsome face or a “robot” head like many other stars in the ShowBiz.

    Keun Suk-ahh. I love the fact that you are a fighter, you always think positive, and you always be able to take all rough and thorny experiences in life as great lessons learned. Most of all, you are not afraid of failure. Yeahh….even you fall down, you can always climb back up again. Always ZikZin!!! Even when you experienced with adversity challenges, especially from people’s prejudiced and biased hearts, you won’t allow those people to bring you down, ever, will you!! Please bless your Antis’ hearts anyway for taking interest and notice of you!! Live a challenge life is much better and meaningful than live a boring perfect smooth life. Experiencing some rough and thorny projects in life make you become a very wise and mentally strong person. Please keep on ZikZin!!!!!!

  3. Jang Keun Suk looks handsome in these pictures! He always knows how to express himself in his interviews. Always love to read about him!!! Zikzin!!!

  4. Thank you for translation. I hope that we can read the full interview on english eventually. I have ordered it, but it´s on korean.

    Sukkie is a great as a actor. But I like him when he sings and dances too. I hope that he wil continue to do that too.

  5. Dear Suk, I know your biggest dream is to act. I hope just that life will give more opportunities to show your true acting talents. Your heart is sooo big…You are good as you are now. You’re already a beautiful flower, as I like to tell myself, too, especially in difficult times, when I feel like nothing is working or that I have no results, like a water hyacinth that draws her beauty from misery and darkness. But when she’s blooming, she reveals her splendor and beauty of a pure soul, sincere and gentle, a loving soul, born of good and bad, but turned into a priceless gem. This is perfection… So are you. Be honest and true to yourself, always, love you and cherish you and do what you love, always letting your heart shine through … But don’t be too harsh on yourself. Slow down. Just heal your soul and enjoy everything. Remember “Things that You Can See ONLY when you Stop”?

    • You said some wonderful words that they went straight to my heart. You are absolutely right!
      In sincerity and openness towards people is his greatest strength.
      Others are overcome by honesty. He, using sincerity, becomes stronger because he knows how to express their feelings.

      • Indeed, Adriana. I think Sincerity is the most important in our life…This is a rule I try to apply everyday in my life, in everything I do, say, feel, whatever, because that’s how I feel deep in my heart…There are moments when I forget and then I regret…And I don’t know how, it seems that honesty brings me sufferings, too…there are people who do not understand me or misinterpret what I’ve said or done or they really feel hurt, but that wasn’t my intention… there are moments when I’m confused…It seems that being honest is not so good, at least not in this world! Since little girl, I had to face this, and it’s still a mistery to me that even my own family, couldn’t accept me as I was and as I am now. I won’t explain my life in details, but my life kinda resembles with Sukkie’s life…when I look to him, I see myself in the mirror…

      • But I learnt, too, that Acceptance is as important as Sincerity…Acceptance of myself as I am now, acceptance of other as they are. And I still learn and grow as life is passing by…

      • It’s true. I don’t want to pose as wise owl but I have to say something. To be honest it is often tiring and uncomfortable but it helps you feel like you’re clean inside. It helps to be at peace with yourself, do not be forced to invent.
        Only a strong man can really be honest and to take the consequences.
        To be honest it is not a trait but a sign of intelligence.
        Therefore ours Keun Suk is always honest.

  6. Ah, and one more thing. It is a while since I find the courage to post comments in here, and I never express my gratitude. Here are some beautiful ladies and girls whose work is priceless. Without them we couldn’t find so easily infos about our dear Suk. So, my dear ladies, a big THANK YOU, always. Even if I don’t express my gratitude directly, my thoughts are always for you!


  7. He is fashionable model, we all admire him also his sincere interview about himself “crystal clear” he so honest love you forever


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