[article] Jang Keun Suk “Want to live as an actor as longest as possible”

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[OSEN=Pyo Jae Min] An actor Jang Keun Suk shared his dream of hoping to live as an actor as longest as possible.

Through the interview with the fashion magazine Marie Claire that was revealed on March 20th, he said “A celebrity can also be merchandise and a brand” and added “However, just because there is no flaw visible on the outside, it does not mean perfection. I wish to be like a glass box in which the inside is visible” and shared.

In addition, he said “I think at least me and our fans are looking through each of our glass box” and conveyed.

Jang Keun Suk is temporarily taking a break right now. He is carefully thinking about his next work and said “I want to live as an actor as longest as possible. In the end, the one that I have to become stable on is the work” and revealed his perspectives.

He also added “It was same until now but I cannot guarantee that all the works will become safe and right choice” and said “But instead of a beautiful harmony without scars, I think the live flower that has horns and decent amount of scars has strength to maintain the life so I think it is beautiful” and with such phrases, he shared his ambition as an actor.


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13 thoughts on “[article] Jang Keun Suk “Want to live as an actor as longest as possible””

  1. our prince is a deep thinker…he is an intelligent artist who likes to go against the tide…guess his next drama will again be something unconventional….looking forward to it, dear prince!

  2. I am so proud of him when he declares publicly he wants to be an actor again n again. He has mentioned this in many interviews since many years ago but hearing it again from he now makes me sad but also very proud of him.

    Not everyone of us have many dreams but Sukkie is one person who has many and the amazing thing about this young man is that he is very passionate, focused n determined to achieve his many dreams, one by one. And I admire him for not giving up on his dreams despite all the obstacles which come in his way. So for him to acknowledge his dreams of being an actor even though he knows the situation he is facing takes alot of courage.

    I sincerely wish he stays mentally n physically ….I want to see him win awards both in Korea and also overseas in the future becoz he deserves to be recognised for his crafts as an actor.

    • I totally agree with you. He is a serious and great actor. I hope the people in Korea will recognize it one day soon. Love JGS!

      • Remember..frm one of his interview. He want to be a serious actor.i think he now ready for that phase of his career.i’ve never doubt him about choosing his role.he know what he do.he’s real man. When he said that he want to be actor as long as posible..it shows that he’s a rational person. He can say he want to be an actor forever but we never know what future we’ll be headed.i really want to read his full interview.i believe this is just part of it.i hope he’ll get a great project this year.acting or singing..I want to see everything.zikzin!!

  3. truly very inspiring, as always! i am so happy that he recognizes that we eels are honest and true to him as well. that really warms the heart!
    my prince, we will never leave you wherever your dreams may take you, whatever thorns you may encounter, we will be your safe haven, as you have always been our greatest comfort!
    thank you for posting this dear Tenshi! ^^

  4. We will support u always…ur so strong and cool..man..fighting jks..ur going to rock the world
    …ur answers are perfect and frank love u my dear prince….

  5. Sukkie is really very handsome man. If I am a Korean actress who went through a knife, I will indeed feel very insecure acting with this actor. My fake beauty will be so pronounced.

    Look at him, he looks so young! How can this be? Is there a person who is becoming younger as they grow older? He is such a man.

    But I like his smartness the most. Really smart guy!


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