5 thoughts on “[Video] BTS of JKS shooting FERRINO 2014 SS”

  1. OMG, he is a great brand ambassador for Ferrino. He is so good looking in all the sportswear and the casual wears in these advertisement pieces.

  2. Why is there no sound in the videos? I thought there was something wrong with my computer. Ferrino should put some music on the videos. “Nature boy”, for example would be suitable. 🙂

  3. Just like a magician.
    You can swear that he’s in a fairytale forest, on a steep mountain rock, between ancient ruins or in a plaza in Rome … and he’s surrounded by white walls, spotlights and an army of specialists.
    In this consists his amazing talent, his magic … You’re in the dark and he makes you see everything like in daylight … you’re in the heat of the desert and he makes you feel raindrops on your face and a refreshing breeze…
    God protect you, our dear magician!


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