6 thoughts on “[Pics] BTS of JKS shooting FERRINO 2014 SS”

  1. Thank you Tenshi for sharing with us all these photos. I think we all miss him a lot after a while that we heard nothing about what he was doing. Now with your support we learn that he has been busy with his work. I really feel happy with him that he does enjoy his work and probably this is his life style, i.e., always on a go. I believe he is busy with his Team H production, seeing him with BB and all the familiar faces of his dancers. So many good news about his successes in his music and others including his Collecte de Zikzin. It seems he has never been exhausted, what a man! I just simply love and adore him. I think it is not only his good look but all the stamina and other aspects related to him as a person that make me admire him and love him more than any other stars,

    • Sudie like you and many other eels…the more we get the more we want him..hahaha.. On one hand we want him to take a rest and on the other we just can’t wait for him to show us his many talents.. even a peek of him on line is one of his talents hahaha.

      This young man is really remarkable; he is busy with so many things..unlike many other artists who only do things that are already arranged for them…which is sometimes a lot already…our man is also busy with the other side of the arrangements… sooo busy..

      I really like Sukkie as a person, he is more than only a handsome singer or actor for me.. I’ve learn so much from him and the people who inspire him…good enough reason to ZIKZIN with him

  2. I will miss him when he takes a break but he deserves it. He has worked tirelessly the time. I want him to be happy and I hope he will
    Thanks Thensi, beautifull photos.

  3. My dear eels.
    If they impose a maximum limit for beauty as to the speed, our Keun Suk would be permanent outside the law and would paying the maximum possible fine.
    He’s amazing!


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