[Notice] JKS official mobile app service will be terminated on June 30

To our regret, today Tree-J company announced the termination of Jang Keun Suk mobile app service and fan cafe. Please check the detail below. They have seldom used this service recently, and it seems cafe service itself will be shut down. So we don’t think this decision is made by Tree-J company only. We have other tools to know JKS’ updates like twitter, LINE, Facebook except their official website Princejks.com So, please don’t feel sad too much. Let’s wait and see our new communication tools will be more active and interactive 🙂

Credits: Tree-J company


7 thoughts on “[Notice] JKS official mobile app service will be terminated on June 30”

  1. Kaori chan, yes.. I’m actually expecting the JKS Apps to be terminated after all the other channels like LINE and OFC sites becomes more active and also now with Zikzin Radio which Suk also communicated with eels, including surprise phone call for lucky eels ^_^ Seems like more eels got to communicate with Suk via the new channels.

  2. T_T

    I have noticed that the app has not been updatet lately. I guess that eels will be more active on princejks.com when Fan cafe disappear. I still think it´s sad.

  3. Having to maintain different fan sites is actually difficult especially when you tell the same story. I think this is an intelligent move to close those ones which the fans seldom visit. Its better to maintain one or two – in that way, they be lost in translation.

    Suggestion for JKs – look at the websites of airlines, its look and feel is customer-focused (or fan-focused in your case).

    Wishing all the best in the years to come.

  4. its been long time i didnt receive message from LINE of oppa. can i check, his latest msg to us-fans? 🙁
    its so frustrating not receiving msg fr your oppa *grr!


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