7 thoughts on “[fan-cam] JKS at the premiere of ‘Elegant Lies’_20140304”

      • He probably didn´t notice that. The key chain hengs from pants pocket in the beginning, but it´s not there when he stands in front of the journalists. We can cleary see that on the pictures.

        It´s Zikzin- key chain. Sukkie can always get a new one. Maybe some lucky eel have picked it up later. 🙂

    • I’m sure someone from the organisation would have picked it up afterwards…not elegant to pick up the key while a bataljon of photographers are taking pretty pictures of you…

      Zoe…I’m sure it’s not about his key chain but it is his car key…from the Ferrari…you can see it’s attached to his Zikzin key chain.. otherwise he can’t get home and if that would be the case he would have scolded a bit on LINE lol

      • Was it his car key?! Maybe some lucky eel is driving Sukkies ferrari now. LOL

        I know, you have right, Mamacri. Everything is fine or else Sukkie would have told us about that.:)

    • I hope somebody from the organizer picked it and gave it back to him so he could get home safely with his ferrari :p

  1. maybe somebody give back to him or one of his managers bcuz it not a key chain it’s a car key I saw it from the other site


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