[Notice] ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’ fan meeting in Japan will be held on June 14

KNTV, Japanese cable TV station will start broadcasting JKS’ latest drama ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’ in June. Relating to this, the fan meeting will be held on June 14th in Tokyo. Not only JKS but also IU and Lee Jang-Woo will attend the event to meet their fans. Therefore, not only Jang Keun Suk Japan official fan club but also Lee Jang-Woo and IU Japan official fan clubs will start the pre-order for members. There are two stages; matinee and evening. But the each seating capacity is around 5,000. So it must be very hard to get them for all fans.

Credits: http://www.kntv.co.jp/belami-event/

11 thoughts on “[Notice] ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’ fan meeting in Japan will be held on June 14”

  1. Nice to sukki…all the very best to ur drama in japan.If this drama will broadcasting in india,but that not possible.So its very sad to me,anyway love u… God bless u:-)

  2. KNTV what is this for tv network in Japan.. a bit ignorant in this…but how “big” is this tv station?
    We still have to wait for such long…but guess this fan meeting will be great..only 10000 tickets to be divided amongst the fans of all 3 stars….OMO…very difficult!!

  3. Zoe, no news is a good news. Sukkie has many things going on like his company, the two shops in Tokyo, commercial promotions, coming fan meetings etc. He’s probably very busy (as usual).

    By the way, eels, where are you??? The voting is continually going on at


    He is 3rd but has only 9% votes. Please go and vote for him. Tenshi said this voting is important in Korea.

    • Voting everyday…not only for JKS but also for BM…his precious project…and BM has been top since december…It’s our way to tell the world BM is really a worthwhile drama to watch…
      BM was a wonderful drama…and it was a very important drama for Sukkie…not for ratings but I think because of the contents …the messages, the lessons and a bit of him he wanted to convey to the world..
      OF course his personal ranking is important too; we just have to keep him in the top 3…

      1. TV Drama, vote here http://www.100479.net/ranking/?code=vote8
      2. Male Celebrities, vote here http://www.100479.net/ranking/?code=vote2
      3. Male Celebrities World Cup, vote here http://www.100479.net/ranking/?code=worldcup2_men

      • Yes, I vote every day, too. All three of them. Yes, it’s really wonderful that BM has been on top for so long. Yes, let all the Koreans, Korean showbiz, antis and whoever else there may be know that many people in the world do appreciate this drama.
        Actually I wonder why they don’t change the rating system in Korea. Their technology is really advanced so it shouldn’t be a problem to introduce the western system of monitoring how many people watch a tv show.

      • I vote with love every day and I’m glad to see BM on the first place.
        Deserves this place and hope to stay a long time on this place.
        About the rating, I have some doubts about it. For many dramas of recent times has been a rating very far from the truth.
        I’m sure that those who have judged correctly realized the true value of BM.
        As for Keun Suk, for me he is the number 1.
        I think for many people he is the number 1, even if they do not vote.
        And yet, for him would be encouraging to see more interest from our side.
        He was funny in ZIKZIN Radio – ep.9, when he said:
        ” I am not afraid of how the world assess me. Only care about it a bit, just a bit.
        Although i cannot get 5 stars from everyone as a kind of recognition, my eels, you can continue to give 5 stars to your DJ JKS….”
        Dear Keun Suk, you are and you will be THE NUMBER 1!!!

    • Well…why they don’t change the rating system is everybody guess… if only few have a box they can easily be manipulated…if you want a more compleet, honest, transparant voting system there are enough other systems available..
      South Korea is INFAMOUS for it’s tv rating and award system…
      and it makes me less and less interested in the South Korean showbizz as a whole because I get a strong feeling of manipulation and the artists being “bullied”
      I don’t like their “strong” humor; everything for the ratings..referring here to the suiside of a participant of Jjak.. and reading Jackie Chan even has his own Kpop group…makes it even more a mass product where China (Asia) is famous for…WTH where is the uniqueness of it all..why artists have to be trained and act like they are in a circus… if I want to see circus I go to a circus..sorry for rambling

  4. Daebak! Congrats not only to JKS´s Fans but also IU´s and Lee Jang Woo´s! hehehehe How I wish be there! Good for you JKS!

    Thanks dear Thensi for sharing that with us. Are you in?

  5. BM is a very good and interesting drama. It has depth and so many life lessons to learn from. Even I learned a few from this drama. and It is most interesting to watch Ma Te maturing as he searches for his identity, for the truth. Ma Te is not an easy role to play. It is a challenging one. JGS did not chose this role lightly . I think he put a lot of thoughts into it. I really enjoyed MaTe’s self discovery journey, JGS . You did a wonderful job! Congrats! Love you!

  6. I hope that Keun Suk is taking a well-deserved rest before kickstarting his 2014 activities. Looking forward to what he has in store for us this year, hopefully a new drama or movie, fan meetings, concerts as a solo singer, Team H tour in USA, guesting on variety shows on KBS or SBS. I wonder when he will enlist in the army, hopefully it’s not this year…


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