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[Naver] [STARCAST] Jang Keun Suk’s graduation day…”I introduce my memories” http://me2.do/x2dYX5dy
[네이버] STARCAST : [스타캐스트] 장근석이 졸업하는 날…"내 추억을 소개합니다"http://me2.do/x2dYX5dy

tenshi_akuma’s note: This is the English translation of the article. [STARCAST] Jang Keun Suk’s graduation day…”I introduce my memories”

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  1. I’ve read this article so many times. It is so moving. The first undergraduate graduation is like your first love. It is so happy and so sad. The other degrees, either a master, a PhD, or a Postdoctoral could not give you this kind of feeling. I wonder whether because at that age you are still young and your world is still a wide and wild place for you to explore. The article brought me back to all my graduations sine my middle schools, all the feelings the Prince expressed brought back my memories about my graduations. Thank you very much Sugar Sukkie for your wonderful reflection that makes many of us happy, and thank you for whoever translated this article into English. It is the power of your unconditional love, Cheers.


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