14 thoughts on “[fan-cam 1] JKS’ graduation from Hanyang University”

  1. I don’t know why… But this fan-cam after graduation ceremony made me cry badly… T_T
    I’m simply happy to see his satisfied and happy face surrounded by his precious people.

    • It’s true, dear Tenshi.
      Thank you gave me the chance to see him so happy. Here we can see the true joy of dreams fulfilled and satisfaction of a great achievement.
      After much work and many sacrifices, here came the time to reward.
      Love and appreciation for our Keun Suk.

    • so true dear Tenshi. i cannot even describe the pride and warmth in my heart seeing all the media pics and these vids showing our Sukkie all giddy and happy about his graduation! and to think i am just a new eel- what more for all you eels who have loved and supported him since his young days in school! ^^
      thank you dear Tenshi for sharing this! may our Sukkie keep shining with this genuinely happy smile of his!

    • Happy tears my dears…
      I saw his video from 8 yrs ago in his red jacket and a black beanie..he was so young,cute and excited to start his college life…and now we witness him a full grown, wiser man, with many many achievements to his name…still excited to live his life. It gives me such comfort to know he is a sensible man who knows to live his life in stages and to make the most of it…a very hardworking dilligent and lovable man
      I’m so excited to find out what this man has in store for us…

      • Dear Mamacri, do you have the link to the photo you mentioned? I would appreciate if you could share. Probably Sis Tenshi does have. It is amazing for the energy and effort that the team of Jangkeunsukforever gives to our Prince and us to love him and to share this love among international eels. Thanks to all eels that share your moments of happiness with our Sugar Prince and with us. Thank you ever so much…..

  2. Congratulations, it´s so nice to see an artist being a graduate as it might be so difficult for them to study and work at the same time, something for his parents to be proud of, forever.


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