[2014-02-21] Jang Keun Suk Weibo

Note: As usual JKS likes making fun with Jason on weibo. There is something I would like to share for the new eels and I think is really funny. JKS always calls Jason’s nickname: pig. Jason who is JKS’s agent in Chinese market and he is also the Chinese translator for his weibo, everytime he always translate “pig” (his nickname) into “handsome boy” hahaha, I just find this is really amusing between them and for eels who knows their relationship is very close.

Open your eyes… even the eyes are small but don’t give up… pig ahh… open your eyes..!!
눈을 떠라… 눈이 작을지언정 포기하지마.. 돼지여.. 눈을 뜨라..!!!

Are you opening your eyes?? are you opening your eyes?? is this how you open your eyes?
눈 뜨라니까?? 눈 뜨라니까?? 혹시 저거 눈 뜬거야??
睁开眼啊?? 睁开眼啊??难道这是睁开的吗??

14 thoughts on “[2014-02-21] Jang Keun Suk Weibo”

  1. This is really funny.

    Poor Jason, Sukkie always does thing like that to him. But this is actually very funny.

    “Is this how you open your eyes?” 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Hahaha…one of the reasons why I keep opening this site are the funny comments of JKS. He is really a “joker” and his comments will always make one laugh. He is really funny…

  3. Sugar Sukkie is a real teaser, so witty and so funny. Although Jason has nice smiling eyes as my Prince, but in a pig’s eye that he could be as handsome as the Prince. Just compatibly FUNNY, kkkkkkkkkk.

  4. lol! thank you for sharing this trivia dear Tenshi!
    hohoho “the handsome man” – pig is cute. Sukkie such a naughty man! ❤


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