[2014-02-09] Tree-J twitter

It’s illegal to film during the show. And it’s also not allowed to circulate it. We will deal severely when we find it. Please hold your head high and become imposing eels.
공연중 촬영은 불법입니다. 이를 유포하는것도 안됩니다. 적발시 강력대응 하겠습니다. 스스로 당당한 장어가 되어주세요.

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  1. I remember from the moment I became an Eel… This rules has been set already by our Prince & his company as well…There are many reasons why they prohibit the spread of videos and photos during FM i guess… I myself kept on asking why… But as time goes by, I became more matured and learned to respect the rules they implemented as part of my loyalty to our Prince though in some instances I admit that I am guilty of such… so I can’t blame some Eels with their behavior… I also have no guts to say negative comments about them… I believe that in time they will realize that loving our Prince…RESPECT should accompany coz it’s the truest form of love that a fan can offer to his/her idol..

  2. The problem of this rule is not the first time it has been raised among EELs Kingdom. At first, I thoughts sharing good NEWs or HAPPY news about JKS to the world would be one of the way to indirectly promote his name. I also understand TREE J (JKS) rule and point of views. I remember Sukkie saying something about RULEs (or sharing rule…something like that)…..he said ..”rules are to protecting something and keep life (this case company) in oderly. If there is no Rules at all, it become Chaotic and problematic with something. Even there are rules…..some fans still do share any way….that’s the fact of life..he can’t do any thing about that, it’s out of his control.” Reading his statement, JKS himself knows that even He (tree J ) set the rule, some of his fans would still break it. Even breaking it for good intention, but some pictures or videos clips can be misunderstanding without tagging the REAL story along with those pics or videos. So with “rule”, there is LESS sharing and LESS misunderstanding, hopefully. No rule of sharing, all eels would shares….the GREATER the negative impact would occur.

    Personally, I clearly remembered Sukkie said that he wants all HIS EELs who attend his events, FM, Concerts enjoy him and themselves….not to be too busy on Tape recording or taking pictures. And he wanted to see his eels’ eyes….not the flash of the cameras….kkk).

    Since I am almost 5 yrs old eel, even Tree J (JKS) has this STRICT rule, I never never deprived or lost out of seeing JKS or reading about his Events, FMs or Concerts because there always Fan Accounts for all FANs to read and Media pictures or Media clips to see. So naturally, I evaluate both side of the Views…….my verdict is …….even I don’t like some of JKS (tree J) rules……I will always respect and follow his rules.

    • Right said!
      Everything works well in this world is based on clear and strict rules .
      Respect the rules set by someone is to meet the man who has set .
      When you break a rule set means that you want to cheat .
      I can not believe that a true eel does not know or ignores the rules imposed by Tree J ( JKS ) .
      As you said, even if the rules established by Tree J ( JKS ) did not liked, you were determined to follow them and respect them .
      Generally I do not agree photographing and filming during a concert .
      When you’re at a concert and see around you only flashes can not fully enjoy the moment. What to say of the artists on stage …..
      The concert is, in my opinion, a high near time between singer and audience . It’s the connection between souls that can not be created listening to recorded music .
      Because of that I regret that I can’t take part in Keun Suk concerts, even if I’m not an eel with legal papers. Definitely I would respect all the rules …

      • Agree.

        It is good manners or right etiquette not to take pictures nor use cellphones during concerts, fan meetings, theater, musicals etc. In most concert halls and movie theaters there are signages advising audience to turn-off cellphones and not to use any cameras.

  3. The person who made videos to the guest of Sukkie JJ and spread them made a very bad thing. Some people wuold think that this guest was the most interesting event on the fan meeting…So wrong! We patiently wait for some information from the company or Sukkie himself, I hope it doesn’t take much time!

    • Correct too.

      My cousin who only read an excerpt from one sentence twitts of few eels thought that JJ and JKS are now called the JaeSuk couple and that she concluded that they are in a relationship. How wrong that is! I actually have to bring her back to her senses that she study harder her “reading comprehension”. That is an example of how dangerous an incomplete story is or an overzealous twitter can be.

      Thus, I understand Tree-J. Fan accounts are comprehensive although it will take sometime to have a full story.

  4. Due to the very rapid development of technology, we always want real time updates. That’s why this kind of rule is often ignored by people esp because they might think that such an action won’t do any harm. I enjoy live updates of course but I completely understand that concerts, kusicals, performances are there to enjoy with our eyes & heart, not only cameras. If we are patient enough, just in a couple of days we get to see official news updates and HD quality pictures from media :). Today there are already a number of Korean and English speaking entertainment media updates on JKS’s FM… with nice pictures as well.


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