[2014-02-08] Jaejoong (@bornfreeonekiss) twitter

This chicken Geun-chan cooked for me. Addictive taste~♤
근찡이 만들어준 닭요리 초토화~♤
tenshi_akuma’s note: Today Kim Jaejoong appeared Jang Keun Suk Fan Meeting as a special guest. And Chef Sukkie cooked a special grilled chicken steamed by a canned beer for Jaejoong. They looked so close and happy being together.

Thank you about 20,000 won for traveling cost~
I have to pay you back when we went shopping at a big supermarket~
Let’s go to mart again! I will shop a lot~

거마비 2만원땡큐~
대형마트에서 장 보고 형이 계산해준거 갚아야지~~
마트 또 가자 !폭풍 장을 봐주겠어~

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  1. Awwwww….sooo sweet for JJ to be with our Sukkie despite Sukkie’s pig situation!! I love seeing Sukkie with friends, another Artist or not, does not matter.

    I was laughing my head out reading LIVE FAs and Update last night. JaeSuk couple was sooo funny and the sweet BEST….LOLLL

    • Sukkie don’t want to get close to other artists so not to harm them…but since JJ himself is in somekind of pigsituation himself and is very independant too…he can do whatever he wants…and since Sukkie became so precious to him he is a very good friend for him too…I like that..
      I hope to read those FA also…wanne laugh too

  2. Was the proposal made to jaejoong? He was his only guest? Hmmm…i read that jks doesnt like taking a shower? Really? When he drinks and smokes etc he doesnt take a bath? He is like my officenate then who changes clothes and sprays perfume and still smell awful. Is it really true? Yikes! That stinks. I still like him and i am still his fan. But i pity the girl who’ll live with him – confined air pollution.
    On the positive; savings on water shampoo conditioner soap electricity. The greens would love him for that.

    • I’ve watched a video about him in you tube, showing his everyday routine & the first thing that he does as soon as he wakes up is taking a shower. I just noticed these days that antis like to spread rumours about him that are not true, so please don’t believe everything you read. jangkeunsukforever this site you can trust will give you the right news. Thank you.

    • The proposal was made to his eels. Those who attended his FM received this invitation card (as pictured in JJ’s tweet above) too.

      He didn’t say he doesn’t like taking a shower. Of course he does, but he was saying that there were times where he did not take showers (the most impressionable one was he didn’t take shower for 3 days as he was copped up at home, I think that was a period where he was depressed). In fact Sukkie is very sensitive to smell, that’s why he enjoys using fragrance so much (not forgetting that Diptyque candle he loves so much) So please don’t misunderstand. ^^

  3. Not liking and not doing it are two different things. He may not like it (as opposed to having a bath for example) but from what I have noticed, he takes showers regularly. He is a very hygienic person.

    • In one of his interviews he said that he didnt take a bath for 3 days because he didnt go out of the house.. ^^ I know people who are like that too.
      He is just being a regular guy, showing his normal side. Maybe that’s what he meant when he mentioned “bath”. ^^ No need to exagerate here. ^^

  4. JJ such a lucky boy to get JKS cooking him a special bird…and looking at the picture JJ was not on a diet…totally clear out the chicken LOL

    Our prince loves water and he swims whenever he can…he has a good body odeur so I read so I think when he’s not working just lounging in his house he don’t want to wash…A lot of men are like that..even women LOL

  5. Dear all,
    I’m afraid some of you read a part of his fan meeting event wrongly. I’ll show you the detail what happened and what he said in the event actually meant after I return home. So please don’t just jump to conclusions. You don’t have to worry even a bit. I’m sure you’ll know him more and that will surely make you love him more ^^

    • I am looking forward to your reports,especially what special and lovely events between Prince and eels. I really like your articles and learn what’s pressure you owned.Take it easy and go ahead! I will support u and Prince. Because I have always learned the genuine personality that Prince have.

    • Though I have been reading a lot of FAs about yesterday’s FM, but yours will be my most awaited one, sis Tenshi :). You always speak with your heart when it comes to Suk, one thing that I admire the most from you. It’s not easy to understand and follow Suk sometimes, but as an eel, I look at him only 🙂

    • I’ll wait for your FA. I will definitely get to know Keun Suk much more, and understand him better through your heartfelt words. Thank you, Tenshi 🙂

      • If you want to know better our Keun Suk, you can listen “[ENG-SUB] Jang Keun Suk’s ZIKZIN Radio_episode 7_New Year” posted on 2014.02.07.
        You will find interesting things. All the best!

      • During the whole episode I thought with gratitude to those who have shared and those who have made it possible to understand Keun Suk’s words.

    • Thank you, Tenshi! I am looking forward to read your FA. It´s not fair to take something out of context, and claim to know everything about him.

      I am sure you had a greit time at the fanmeeting. I wish I could have been there. Have a safe trip home.

    • I can really count on Tenshi in giving great FA.
      I realised I’m suffering from a memory loss when I tried to recollect what happened at the FM.
      Is this what eels called “The Withdrawal Symptom?”
      Of course I can remember how enjoyable, fun, touching this FM was. But when it comes to details, my memory is like scattered pieces.
      Tenshi, how did you do it? One thing I’m sure of was that I was in a daze most of the time staring at his beautiful face, LOL.

  6. I look forward to your FA sis Tenshi! I’m really interested to what his message was and what he shared in his FM. Just taking the context as it is, what he said and how he said it – plainly as it is. Though i know some people will get carried away, make false assumptions.. I don’t want it too, putting color to what is just plain and pure. ^^

  7. Speaking of context, I think we always have to consider a statement in its entirety. You do not have to consider certain parts without knowing the context in which they were spoken.
    And here I refer to the discussion on the Keun Suk’s showers.
    I apologize if I offend anyone but I must admit that I was amazed by the theme.
    And I have to share a lived experience yesterday, by accident, you can classify it as an extremely unpleasant experience, as I have rarely lived.
    It was my first contact with antifans, course online.
    I think these people are very unhappy in their private lives if they are capable of such comments. When they shall counter a person in our case Keun Suk, their only argument is the maximum insults without logical explanations and credible.
    Therefore it is better not to take into account any comments.
    We have to trust in those posted here that are shared with care and respect for our Keun Suk.
    Only better to all.

    • I am sorry to hear about your unpleasent experience with antifans, Adriana Mihaela. Don´t use your energy to discuss with them. Just ignore them. You are right, thay are mean because thay are insecure and unhappy with themeselves.

      Jang Keun Suk has an incredible talent. He is genuin and outstanding. Millions of people love him. We don´t need to care about his antifans.

      • I Did not even thought to talk to them because I’m sure they are not able to carry a conversation. Their only arguments are insults. I just read what I wrote and it was enough.
        And in addition, his name should not be dragged into such discussions.
        Thanks for the good words!

  8. Sorry I can’t help being amused by this “bathing” topic. Woww….even JKS’ bathing habit is a HOT TOPIC…..kkkkkk In a ironic poetic way, glad people notice Jang Keun Suk name..LOLLL

    Goshhh….some people just CAN”T take joke and always take JKS words out of the context. Some people just are soooo NOT capable of using logic to think pleasantly. Hello, JKS is human like we are all….. don’t tell me in your lifetime, you NEVER ever missed taking bath, one day or two. I certainly have my share of bathing or lack of bathing experiences, too, especially when I was ill or not physical healthy or emotional stress. By all means, even I missed some days of bathing, I never never feel I was DIRTY in anyway.

    • You’re absolutely right! Especially because Keun Suk has a great sense of humor and a lot of people fall into the trap if they do not take into account the entire context.
      It saddens me that discussions during Beautiful Man have remained far behind. I It seems beautiful dream and I woke up to reality now.
      I miss those comments and recapitulation. There would be much to say but it was over too sudden and now seems all topics really important about Keun Suk have finished.
      All the best!


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