[article] Jang Keun Suk, successfully ended the fan meeting in Korea that took place in 4 years..JYJ Kim Jae Joong gave cheers in surprise

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[OSEN=Jung Yoo Jin] An actor Jang Keun Suk successfully ended the fan meeting that was held in Korea in 4 years.

Jang Keun Suk’s fan meeting ‘2014 Jang Keun Suk Propose’, which was held at Seoul Olympics Park Olympics Hall on February 8th, have completely mesmerized about 3,000 fans and it took place among the fanatic atmosphere the whole time.

Since it is the time with the fans that he spends together in 4 years in Korea, Jang Keun Suk have prepared this fan meeting himself and it was filled with stages that are comfortable as if on a travel and also with fun. Especially, in ‘Beginning 2014 with you’, he honestly shared his lifestyle and thoughts based on 12 keywords such as style, time and movie and so on and have interacted closely with the fans.

In addition, Jang Keun Suk presented the music talk, which combined talk and song, and not only the fans from Korea, but he also went beyond Asia and put fans from all over the world such as Turkey, Israel and France and so on into a storm of excitement. Including ‘Love Letter’ that he wrote the song and composed the lyrics, he passionately sang ‘Like A Movie’, ‘Save Me’, a song to cheer for fans who are having hard times, and ‘Turn off’ and so on and presented a touching moment to the fans.

Out of all, he made a sweet propose to the fans through an encore stage and have made the audiences go fanatic. Jang Keun Suk was up on the stage again saying a phrase “Will you marry me?!” while wearing a white tuxedo and he replied to the cheers from the fans by passionately singing a propose song. When the heat did not go down even with an encore stage, he showed on the stage again without hesitation and showed love for the fans that does not know how to get exhausted for 2 hours and a half.

In addition, a group JYJ member Kim Jae Joong, who has a friendship that is to a different level with Jang Keun Suk, showed up in surprise on the stage and gave a song as a present. To this, Jang Keun Suk showed off cooking skills while wearing cute aprons and has added friendliness by serving delicious foods.

After finishing the fan meeting, Jang Keun Suk said “I have to spend times in this way often but I felt so sorry that I could not afford to do that. I was able to feel once again that I am really getting lots of love from the fans through today’s precious meeting and got lots of energy. I am really grateful. Since fans always have faith in me and supports me, I will make a choice and behave responsibly and I will keep going forth by putting the most efforts from now on to the future” and shared his feelings that are overwhelming with joy.

The fans that have attended the fan meeting said “It was a moment when we realized how much Jang Keun Suk values and loves the fans. We were happy as we were able to spend time together close by him”, “Thank you so much always for knowing what is on our minds” and “I was really touched by a propose. Let’s keep going forth along with the eels” and so on and have showed gratitude.

Meanwhile, Jang Keun Suk have a case of showing infinite affection to the fans that have visited the site before ‘2014 Jang Keun Suk Propose’ fan meeting by wrapping the chocolate and the invitation that he wrote himself in which he will give to the fans as a present.

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48 thoughts on “[article] Jang Keun Suk, successfully ended the fan meeting in Korea that took place in 4 years..JYJ Kim Jae Joong gave cheers in surprise”

    • Nobody knows those 12 key words stated in paragraph 2 of this article? It would be good to know because they seem to be his direction in the year ahead.

    • The 12 key words are Book / Style / Music / Eco / Camera / Wine / Coffee / Bath / Movie / Time / Sleep / Food.
      He introduced himself as his MC for his own FM (lol) and his talk is related to the keywords above.
      It was really a great FM! I don’t think any other artist can hold such exceptional FMs as JKS’s. (Put singing/dancing aside, I’m referring to show content. Sukkie is truly a master entertainer).

  1. Dear Jang Keun Suk,

    What’s with that ribbon on your hair??? Ekkkk…stop being cute your 27 be a man!!!

    Yikes..eels is this how would like to see him? He seems to be lost as to who he is or he is trying so hard to be cute and please his fans. Mistake. He is too old for this fro fro look. Stop!

    • Mary: I want him to dress-up according to his age based on what I see in my part of the world. Personally, I find the ribbon headband unnecessary because he is already good-looking and he doesn’t need “props or bling2” on his body to enhance his looks. But I live outside of Asia so I don’t know much about dressing styles of guys in Northeast and Southeast Asia. That might be a fashion trend there, I don’t know.

      • Mary, he really knows he is cute so i don’t think that he put that headband for that reason.

        i guess that since his hair now is hard to manage, he used that headband……

    • Hi Mary! I hope you will stop judging him by just looking on what props he used or what he wears. I’m sorry if I will be so blunt or rude. But I could not also stand people who would simply judge anyone without knowing a lot of things/facts about a particular person. I have been reading a lot of your posts here. As I don’t want to make conclusions right away, I tried to retrieve some of your previous posts. And somehow at this time I cannot convince myself that you are a true follower or believer of Sukkie’s talents. The way I understand your post, you are already presuming something based on biased thoughts. Yes Sukkie is an actor and as many people would say he is a public property, but he has his own personal life that we also have to respect. And for me, we also have the right to judge right away what we saw or just based on some people biased judgement about him. As what Tenshi Akuma posted on one of the articles, we should take what other peoples perception out of context, but we will wait for her FA for us to understand what happened during the fan meeting.

    • And I would like to add, real EELS who followed him, know him by heart. And they love him for who he is, and they never judge him based on people’s perceptions. If your thoughts are so influenced by Sukkie’s antis, that is your choice what to believe. But if you are a believer of an artist, you will appreciate his talents and his sincerity but also to respect his choice and his personal life. For me no one is being forced to like JKS, is just a matter of choice to continue to believe in him or not. But to through some harsh words to him is so inhuman, and in many ways you are also hurting the people who who really followed and believed him.

    • His daily wear is not something like that. He is a very regular guy on his day-to-day life. In shows, one has to wear something different according to the concept of the show. For instance “Kiss”, they look so different during their concerts from their daily life. Most of the time, its fan service. Britney Spears, Beyonce, Adam Lambert, etc – so different during their shows.

      Be assured that JKS is aware of your thoughts and he understands that. No ill-feeling at all on his part. Rest assured he doesn’t go around in that look.

      I hope you understand.

    • I think he used this headband only during the JJ gueast appearance. THe problem is that this site also used illegal photos because there are no official ones yet. They say he showed up with white taxido – I WANT TO SEE THAT!

    • I don’t think the purpose of wearing the headband (not a ribbon, it is) wasn’t to look cute :). It’s kinda trend in the K-Pop world, boys and girls idols wear it. It’s just that he is indeed cute (baby faced) that the headband doesn’t probably give him the ‘rock star’ look it was supposed to but more to a… cute boy with a ‘ribbon’ :)). He wore different outfits that nite and this one was apparently the one given to the media as he was wearing this when JaeJoong appeared. Most of the media coverage included JaeJoong’s appearance, that’s why all of them use this set of pic. Worry not, Mary, Suk has matured decently… later when we finally read our sister Tenshi’s FA, you’ll find out what he shared and said during the FM :).

    • No, I beg to disagree with you. He is not trying hard, he is really cute, he looks a lot younger in this style. Just love it! And also love the fact that it is only Jang Keun Suk who can pull off this style among his contemporaries I’m trying to imagine it with others like Kim So Hyun or Joo Won or Lee Minho I cannot :). All of us will grow old whether we like it or not but I believe that most of us will remain young at heart, that’s what I feel. Anyway 27 is not old, recently I’ve seen a korean actor who is in his late 30’s & oh my, his hairstyle & clothes are really ridiculous.

    • Keun Suk is a young man full of life. Even if it’s happy, even if it’s sad Keun Suk’s feelings are lived at maximum intensity. He is truly alive.
      Therefore and outfits are full of life and color. And it fits perfectly.
      He is unique!
      Indeed, I do not imagine any of those mentioned by kristin_ez dressed like him.
      Must say something really important. Keun Suk looks just as well both in elegant suit and in pajamas.
      It’s important that he knows how to adapt to the different situations, of course in their own style.

    • Mary, that is a headband not a ribbon for God’s sake.
      The first part of the FM he is dressed in what I called casual ‘outdoor’ gear, as he sat down having a chat with his eels he spoke a little about camping. I guess the headband is to accessorize this ‘outdoor’ look.
      In the 2nd part of FM he changed into a white tux to match his ‘Propose’ concept and needless to say, the headband was removed too. (I was at the FM btw)
      Therefore I don’t take it kindly by the way you say things based on your own perception. Sure you may not like the headband, but who are you to say he is acting cute and to please his fans? Sorry if I sound harsh, but I just wish that you would think before you speak because may offend many eels here who understand JKS more than you do.

  2. I am probably to old to be an eel,but I love Jang Geun Suk, his voice when he sings, his acting in Drama’s is awesome, and his personality is great. Looks are great, but I believe his personality is the reason so many love him. Keep it up JGS you are awesome.

    • Lisa..you are never to old to be an eel…I am 51 and I am a eel…even want to attend a Team H concert…but we don’t have to be so extreem like the youngsters to be an eel, loving and appreciate him for his good and very talented work is already enough : )

    • I do not think there is age limit for eels. And I think we have an advantage (I’m 53). Not only are enamored by his charm …..ha ha ha…
      I know this expression is wearing, but many times does not matter the age from documents. More the age of our souls matter.
      My kids have decided that I must always stay young and we go every summer to Liberty Parade, the largest electro-dance music event at my country, held on the beach and attending many local and foreign DJ very famous.
      My hope is that once Team H will participate in this event. Who knows? ….

    • LOLLL…..I am way older than Sukkie and I’m 100% eel.

      Agree with Mamacri, being eels does not always mean we have to always do extreme acts… thought we won’t mind if we can do extreme acts if we have the opportunity to do so. I like to quote one of the ECI eels, she said, “Nothing is impossible for my beloved Sukkie”. I feel the same sentimental.

      • LOL…Sukkie shows and encourage us to be young again…there is so much more out there…new things to do and to learn..
        I’m happy with my life but since I know Sukkie it’s a lot happier and at least liberating; we must love what our heart tells us to love en just enjoy it : )
        ZIKZIN my lady eels

    • Thanks for your replies. Now I see that I am not to old to be an eel. I am 43 and I love watching JGS. He is the reason I started watching Korean drama’s after seeing him in You’re Beautiful I start looking up all of his drama’s and I watched them all. Then I was hooked. I love his voice so I started pulling up all YouTube videos of his music and interviews(with English subtitles). That’s when I started seeing how beautiful and talented he really is.His personality is the best I love when someone can just be there self and enjoy life. I hope he never changes. I love Jang Geun Suk.
      Thanks eels for the encouragement.

      • I share the same view with you…there is no age limit to people who would love this man. We are attracted to this man who has the heart of kid, not not only because of his talents and physical attributes, but I guess we more drawn to him because of his sincere heart which seldom we can find in entertainment industry.

  3. Lovely to read the FM was a succes…not that I expected otherwise..Sukkie is seriously handsome in his white suit…one can be really distracted from the genuine super lovely and talented man underneath….LOL..
    how can he expects us to say NO to his proposal..
    He is really one fine artist…besides his multi talents and his divers repetoire of songs and acting projects he is equally divers in his dressing..one of his wellknown and most copied thing..He is always handsomely dressed..catering to his own taste and taking into account the circumstances and the diversity of his eels ranging from 8 to 88
    I know I love the man beyond his packaging….(without maybe ; p lol )

  4. i love jang geun suk no matter what.. his dressing may be outlandish at times… but he is really a handsome man..inside and out… you can see that in bel ami where he shed his long locks.he can be boyish and manly, too… but true eels like me love him because of his personality, his conviction, his being true to himself … he does what he wants.. chooses the dramas he wants to portray..despite the fact that it may be contrary to what the Koreans like.. because he firmly believes in it… he is beautiful on the inside too.. he gives to charity without being asked…even if others doubt the reason he does this…ah, he is a model to look up to and emulate…and he truly loves and appreciates his eels… stay as you are,jang!

  5. This fan meeting was regarded by him as a meeting between close friends . Therefore Keun Suk thinks dressed according to the moment.
    When you’re among friends should be relaxed and it helps everything including the outfit.
    And he must wear outfits that make them feel comfortable depending on the event.
    However , his fits any outfit and knows how to adapt outfits at different times .
    I do not think I exaggerate when I say that to him no outfit is chosen at random. Even though often stirs discussion .
    I think in choosing outfits he takes into account the mood of those who participate in the event and his relationship with them, the type of event , the message he wants to convey to participants … I know ? I may be overreacting …
    But I can not help thinking about the colors used in a few scenes outfits Beautiful Man .
    When they go to the rink and he admits to himself that he loves her. Their outfits in shades of green. Green signifies renewal, healing and hope. The color fits perfectly with the moment.
    In the last episode, at the end, when they meet at the restaurant are both dressed in red.
    Red is the strongest color in feng shui. It is the color that signifies energy and joy. At various peoples red signifies good fortune, happiness, love. In India it is the color of the wedding and is the symbol of romance. In Western culture signifies courage and passion.
    Red is the expression of love triumphant. In traditional Korean weddings the bride is dressed in red.
    Ready! I’ve said enough. There may be only an impression but I would love to be like that.
    The conclusion is that he was blessed to look good in every situation and in any outfit.
    was blessed
    I pray for his health and his peace.

  6. Jang Keun suk always looks handsome in suits or just T-shirt and jeans. I’m an old-fashioned person, I still prefer him to look as a man, but if he prefers to look cute from time to time, what can I say ?
    I admire his talents, not his looks.

    • I am a long time 100% eel and I often said in this blog or ECI that JKS’ look is the least of my liking.

      Yeapp….I do have my favorite style or look of JKS, I like clean simple clothing on him (Jean and T-shirt, fine) and medium hairstyle, as long as those hairs are out of his face or forehead. By all means, if JKS does not look the way I like most, does not mean I love him less. Far from it. Most times, I totally ignored what’s outfits or fashions he wore, what’s hair style he sported…..becoz, truly, those outside surface are not important to me or the main factors that make me admire and love him.

      I love him MORE becoz of his talents, personality, determination, fighting ZikZin spirit, positive driving force and passion about life in general. Pretty much, I can sum it all up….I love JKS just who he is.

  7. I’m one of the many fans who are new to following an artist, but the talents of JKS are so outstanding that I have become fascinated with reading the many comments on this site. Thank you to those that work so tirelessly to give us news and updates on so many topics. I appreciate your time and commitment. One of things I enjoy is reading the reactions to each others posts from so many eels from around the world. This gives me an appreciation of how different all of our cultures are and how we as individuals value different aspects of the same person. It must be difficult for JKS to live his life in such a public fashion. Yes, I understand that he gets sustenance from interacting with all of us in a personal way, but who among us would want to live that way ourselves, every day seven days a week? To me, to be a friend of someone, means I have decided to accept them and support them as best I can, in how they dress, if they chose to diet or not, if they take on projects I want to see, etc. I am glad to read that this FM was a success and am looking forward to living it through the FA of those who were lucky enough to be there in person!

    • Absolutely right said!
      I did not ever imagine that happening to me lately. I never thought I would become a dedicated fan of a star so far away. But now I feel Keun Suk on so close to my heart and it is enough.
      I admit I was fascinated by him from the first moment and I do not regret it.
      As they say, it’s never too late.
      I am very glad that this is happening and I have to say that all who have posted comments here have helped.

  8. “Since fans always have faith in me and supports me, I will make a choice and behave responsibly and I will keep going forth by putting the most efforts from now on to the future”. Love this! Thank you Keun Suk, love you more!

  9. As I said many times before JKS changed my life! I like everything he does. Everything is magic for me. I am 42 and I don´t look just like lady. I look younger Lol and that´s because of him. JKS is a sun, he shines, no matter what he wears. I love his playful personality, his perpicaz word, his warm heart, his passionate spirit, his histrionic talent, his tenacity. I don´t care how he is dressed, though i think, he´s always right.I find him great baby-faced, looking like a girl, with teen face
    ,as an adult male. I don´t know. I only know that I feel happy just to see him. Thanks for being you, my prince. I’ll always support you. Right now I have your bunny-hair-style in my office Lol. Zikzin

  10. Guys relax….among the Korean actor JKS is my favorite. I like his open mind, his wit, he is a good actor, I love loveRain, MMM, You’re Beautiful and others. I love his honesty, his independence and his business acumen and gorgeous too. It seems everybody in Korea wants to be cute or are labeled as cute. No self respecting man or another any body past 5 years old should be called cute. Babies are cute, puppies are cute, monkies are cute. Whatever image he is trying to capture with that ribbon ,( I know it is a bandana) is unnecessary . To be cute means there is nothing going on behind that face. I am not judging him. I am simply stating a fact. It does not look good on him and if he reads this , great….this is a constructive observation, JKS won’t get hurt he has an open mind and speaks his mind. In a way he has a western way of thinking, he is a self made man, he has been exposed to different culture and other society . This is the reason why he is at odds with most of the people in Korea – he is frank and don’t bit around the bush. And this is what I love about him. Bottom line….. that ribbon/bandana got to go!


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