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A holiday afternoon of a man living xxx…
혼자사는 남자의 오후… 日余地ぐらし男の休み日
tenshi_akuma’s note: He mistyped a Japanese word. Later, he found the mistake.

This is important.. kkk
이거 중요하지.. ごれだいじwww

It might be ‘living alone’… -_-?

tenshi_akuma’s note: There are many options to write living alone in Japanese. So he seemed he didn’t know which is correct. Strictly speaking, literal meaning of ‘独り(alone)’ and ‘1人(one person)’ sounds different. But even we Japanese can’t always handle the correct expression. ‘独り’ emphasizes more lonely. We can say ‘独り’ sounds independent, too. ‘1人(one person)’ is just the number of people. So, it’s simple to use. But it’s better to use ‘一人(one person)’ all in Kan-ji (Chinese character), not 1人. So, I think most Japanese use ‘一人暮らし’ in this case ^^

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  1. Learning foreign languages is really tough. But I like guessing what he meant to say ^^ I’m good at it now. haha

  2. Hhhhh tell about languages… Learning korean is HARD hhhhhh even my korean teacher says that there are some words korean themselves find them hard and can’t diffrenciate

  3. Using the correct expression in a foreign language is indeed difficult :p. Anyway I’m really impressed by his ability of learning foreign languages. He’s confident enough to try, that is really good for him :). It’s nice to see his updates with that smile on his face… And oh… Boxes of beer & soju… I guess we’ll still see his ponyo belly in the near future :)).

  4. Thank you tenshi_akuma for the translation.. I’m still learning Korean and then our Prince is talking to us in Japanese and Chinese.. Waaahh! Thanks to those who translates for us.. It bridges the gap and helps us all understand our Prince better!

  5. thanks sis Tenshi you really a big help for us without u how can we know better of suk ? my keun is really in his hardship moment but I have faith on him that he can’t never easily fall down , his personality is very strong but I still believe his innerself is not strong as like his out looks , though we see him smiling but deep inside he really in pain , but I know he can still survive to go on,though keun innerself is weak but his still an ability to keep fight back his own feelings not to be falling down , that’s the great ability of keun that I really adore him Fighting keun! remember we will always believe in u 🙂 Smile to let the world knows you a lot stronger than yesterday 🙂

  6. hahaha…I love it how he tries to keep life real…doing the shopping and cleaning himself as much as possible..buying the stuff that one needs at home esp when friends are coming over. He likes to cook for the staff…I’m sure they love to eat his home cooked meals; it’s not everyday your Boss is cooking you a meal..
    He really take in the lessons from others…like cooking the rags…now the topic for ZIKZIN radio is about keeping house LOL

  7. We say this, jokingly of course, the food is arrogance, drink is the foundation … but it is not good to be unprepared when your friends come to visit.
    How thin is, better to keep food only for him and drink to share it with friends.
    I enjoy his smile!

  8. Is it too much of the Suntory Japanese Malts? I rather suggest the original Scottish Glen’s malts, he will learn what heaven is. kkkkkkkk This is recommendation from the Glen’s malts lover who is not alcoholic. I only love to drink with good companions. Drinking is like touring, a place is a place, a place is more meaningful and fun when you travel with your companions. A drink is just a drink, enjoy your drink with some great companions. The taste is always better.

  9. Great job dear Thensi! I’m addicted to your blog,if I didn´t check it every morning I can´t work later. Lol Thanks for every thing

    • I thought that only happens to me … ha ha ha
      Since I met you I changed the morning program and my husband makes his coffee …
      Because of time zone I left behind with the news!
      Thanks for everything!


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