10 thoughts on “[Pics-3] JKS arrived at Gimpo airport from Tokyo after Zepp Nagoya_20140203”

  1. Ok. I love him but I can’t stand that hat. It’s probably really expensive and supposed to model a roman helmet but I’m just not feeling it. Anyone else?

  2. don’t be sad prince we are here to love you and understand you we will support you forever..even you find your true love we are still here for you no matter what

  3. It’s enough to see his eyes …..!!
    My dear. Life is not a highway, it is a mountain road full of ups and fallen rocks but when after much endeavor you get on the hill, in a quiet area where you see so far, you have to stop, to calm your soul, put your thoughts in order and prepare for a long way full of accomplishments that you deserve.
    Even if you take life by the throat at an age when others did not know their names, you’re still so young and now you need to enjoy the most of every moment. Can you afford this.
    Leave your worries aside, trying to catch the moon in your hands, let yourself go on a cloud up in dreamland and try to be child again.
    You’ve been too long rooted in harsh reality that you might at some point forget to smile and dream.
    Have a long and beautiful life. And do not forget! You have close to you more souls than you think.


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