[05.02.2014] Jang Keun Suk LINE

I’ve been cleaning my fridge for 3 hours..

I’ve been living with garbage in my fridge…Not food..
Anyway.. The next topic of the Zikzin Radio show is “Wisdom for living”!

Give me some good tips about good housekeeping!
But dont give me advice about how I should wear rubber gloves when doing the dishes!!! LOL!!!

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  1. All of these are in his fridge!!! LoooooooL laughing outloud now about the rubber cloves hhhhhhhhh ….. Mmm a goodadvice… Have to ask mom bout tht hhhhh

  2. He bought all those things to fill his fridge up? no wonder it took him 3 hours lol. I used to live alone before moving back to my parents and sometimes i bought too many things as well which ended up becoming trashes :)). I guess my Wisdom of Living for him would be: stay wherever your mother is… lol

  3. well prince you can hire me to clean your fridge or to clean your house and I will show you how to throw all your garbage inside your fridge hehehehe and I will give you advice how to wear a gloves to clean your dishes

  4. Yes you are. Buy fresh veggies. No processed food – preservatives and salt are factors to high blood pressure and once you have it you have it. Avoid if you can.

  5. Lucky guy, he has so many eels who are more than willing to help him, me included. Really Keun Suk ah you are funny, lol about that rubber gloves, never like to wear it too when washing dishes…ha ha ha but we see that everytime in korean dramas.

  6. Hi…it’s very simple ,first u take out all garbage from fridge then wash the fridge.And also take some tips from mom,beacuse mom know everything about housekeeping.Gud luck & smile:-)

  7. I wish I knew what was came out of his fridge that he calls garbage…what came out and came in….beside the obvious and the many banchans he gets from mama Jang I don’t know the packages

    No…Sukkie guess you have already a very good idea how to keep a house..your were the one who show us pictures about cooking the kitchen rags…not to long just to sanitise otherwise they will spoil..LOL; looking forward to your ZIKZIN Radio episode about this; I guess I will learn a lot from you

  8. I think he puts us to the test. After I saw how strictly is ordered and when he do travel luggage, it is hard to believe that it needs housekeeping tips.
    I think in general it is an organized man who likes to keep everything under control. That even if he wants to make us understand something else … ha ha ha
    We should teach us how they did it all these years and how did meet all challenges, professional or housekeeping … sure we have something to learn and I’m not kidding when I say this.
    God keep you healthy and happy, dear Keun Suk.

    • However, for shopping is good for sure. Packaging shows us where he bought all those goodies. It is a store that sells only quality products and only organic food. Congratulations and maximum score!

  9. Wow!! Another thing to admire him about is that he can be a homebuddy guy.. Cleaning the fridge and washing the dishes by himself, is so admirable, to think he is a celebrity.. Celebrities here in our country rely every smallest thing to their Personal assistants/nannies to do for them.. >_< But Sukkie just in case u need a nanny, i'm more than willing to apply.. haha!! Stay happy.. ^^


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