[ENG-SUB] KBS World documentary ‘The Center of the Korean Wave, I’m Jang KeunSuk’

Wow! KBS World uploads Jang Keun Suk’s KBS2 documentary ‘The Center of the Korean Wave, I’m Jang KeunSuk’ originally aired on January 1st, 2012 on their official YouTube channel. Of course, with English subtitles!!! We jangkeunsukforever blog team subtitled before, but finally the official one was released. What a great news, isn’t it?? We’ll show you some related posts in past here, too. Please watch it again to know him.

Credits: KBS World TV

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8 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] KBS World documentary ‘The Center of the Korean Wave, I’m Jang KeunSuk’”

  1. I’ve watched this documentary (and the other one by the Japanese TV Station which was also subbed by sis Tenshi if I’m not mistaken) sevrsl times but still… I’ve got teary eyes, especially seeing him lying on the bed and getting an IV drop, telling us all that ‘he’s not sick, he’s just tired’ :(. But anyway, I can’t be more proud of him that he could realize one of his biggest dreams. and nowadays when i see his pictures with smiles and laughters, I hope that happiness stays with him even though his road ahead might be bumpy :). Keun Suk-ah, zikzin!

    • Tenshi..I agree with you…WOW…finally…KBS finally, you should be more proud of this genuine korean son of yours..

      Like you and many other eels I have watch the KBS version and the japanese version many times…watching this over again does not make me less proud..in contrary..have even more admiration and love for him…
      Since the program up to now he has done many many wonderful things..moved mountains in a days work..
      He is insightful, inventive, unprecedented and true to himself..leaving trails for others to follow..just with his eels and some unbiased media to blow his trompet..
      JKS we promised to back you up and ZIKZIN all the way with you..you just keep doing what you love and are good at…making your eels happy and proud for knowing you

  2. I loved the Jang Geun Suk – the student.It was so touching to see him enjoying this liitle happy moment of the academic life.
    I love you, dear, be yourself always!

  3. It’s about time that they officially recognize him through this socumentary. I’ve watched it before and JKS is really amazing. He is a legend in the making.

  4. It is so touching, just a mixture of feelings watching him. It made me sad, happy, excited, tired, doubted. I cried with him, smiled with him, shed my sweat with him, got so painful with the injection into the throat with him. I just love this son of Korean who is not just an actor or a singer but one of the most hard working human beings I have ever seen through my 7 decades of life. That is why he could touch the hearts of the people around the world young or old. He really is a human being with a free spirit, warm heart, not a pretending one, you can really feel it with this documentary. He is not a robot, he has his own intelligent mind, a very giving and caring personality. I wish the Koreans appreciate all these characters of this son of them more, enjoy him more like his international fans. All the best for my Prince. If I live up to my 90s, 20 years from now, I will still support him all the way through. May God be at your side always.

  5. The one and only documentary that I never get tired watching. Such an amazing soul. Thanks for uploading it here Tenshi.

    • I have watched it several times too, but how could it have only 25,491 views?!!! I think Sukkie needs a vey good

    • I have watched it several times too, but how could it have only 25,491 views?!!! Sukkie is such a gifted young man. He is an exceptional actor & nailed every role he played, so I am a somewhat confused about all these Korean ratings! It looks like Sukkie may need another great drama or movie to regain his popularity in S. Korea. Zikzin, Sukkie!


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